Wanna Know A Secret

mindset motivation Sep 18, 2020
Do you wanna know a secret?
It feels good to feel good. So to all those in their winning season, make sure you take a minute to FEEL that win, for I guarantee your losing season wasn’t pretty, and you can easily lose your winning streak if you dim your light because you’ve allowed others who aren’t winning in life to rub off on you.
If you feel as if you’re losing.
Fear not friend, for your time is coming too and it’s all unfolding perfectly for you, but you’ll never be a winner in life if you’re not cheering everyone on to win.
That’s what losers do… Trust me. I was one of them, and it never felt very nice. Your job is to get BETTER, not stay bitter.
So tell me.
Who would YOU be?
What would YOU do?
How would YOU speak?
What would YOU do with your life?
Or do you even know yourself or did you lose her feeling not good enough?
Are you being yourself or are you being who others want you to be or heck... even doing the hard work to fix yourself and get better?
Cause again... don’t ever expect to be a winner in life if you’re not even trying.
Are you worried about the opinions of others and do you lose sleep over it?
If so, that needs to stop.
You serve no one showing up inauthentic and most importantly you won’t serve yourself, or your family to your fullest potential in life.
Fear, doubt, insecurity will always be there when you step out into the world but you are not here to conform, settle or play small in your life.
You most definitely are not here to go around feeling insecure and not grow 🌱🌸 into the person you are capable of becoming either.
It’s going to feel weird at first. You are going to waver better choosing greatness or blending in, and you will have this voice in the back of your head always wondering what others will think of you, but it’s actually not your job to care.
Your job is to only care about those who NEED you want what you’ve got to offer to the world.
Think about all the people you have the ability to impact, just by being yourself and sharing it.
I know it’s hard loving and believing in your own greatness, but what’s harder is not living life to the fullest expression of yourself. You aren’t meant to blend in, stay stuck, and hate on others.
You’re meant to grow, expand, evolve and take up space.
You were born to stand out and be EXACTLY who you were created to be.
Go do great things.
Be bold.
Have courage.
Help others.
Speak your voice.
Follow your own inner compass.
Even if others don’t get you. Fear not.
You’re likely not talking to them anyways, and they can think what they wanna think, as you’ll be way too busy doing great work, levelling up, saving lives, and making this world a better place.
Got it?
Your coach

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