Wake Up Tired?

mindset self love Nov 03, 2020
Waking up tired no matter how much sleep you get?
Well you could be weighed down by more than you think, and that heaviness and lack of spark could be because you’re not living your own life, but rather comparing yourself to others.
So how does one get over jealousy, envy, comparison and get started on their own path to unlocking their own purpose in life and ultimately finding true personal freedom?
Emotional intelligence is so important so the first step is witnessing it, and I bet your happiness meter is lower than you think it is if you find yourself tired.
Life should feel better, and you should be fulfilled, so let’s give you some tips today so you can start to manage your emotions, but let me start off with the FACTS first.
There is only 1 you on this planet.
You are different. Your story is unique, and you came here for a purpose, but if your’e not allowing your struggle to grow you, you’ll be blocking the FLOW of goodness.
1️⃣Witness - You can’t fix what you don’t acknowledge, so are you feeling the day? Are you connected with loved ones, or are you feeling down in the dumbs because you’re comparing yourself to others? I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but you must ask yourself these questions first.
2️⃣ Environment - You must have a happy positive environment that you cultivate in order for you to grow. If you’re struggling or having a tough time that is nothing to be upset about. Your path is different than Suzy’s so if you’re hating Suzy for what’s going on in your life, don’t. Suzy has her OWN set of problems and struggles to overcome too. Love, Accept and give yourself Grace. You’ll never grow hating anyone. 👈 Read that again!
3️⃣Busy work or Distraction? What are you busy doing? Are you busy doing anything that makes you come to life or pursuing your dreams and passions? Choose to be SO busy making your life better you have no time for judgement.
4️⃣ Meditation. Don’t hate. Sit with yourself and transcend all that fear out of your space, for when you don’t you won’t have room for hate in your heart. You’ll be healed, and put back together again with love. Stay tuned for something new coming that’s going to help you with this!
5️⃣Truth. The truth will set you free. Our greatest challenge in life is loving ourselves. Healing ourselves and taking inspired action every day to make the calling on our heart come to life. If you lack clarity, fear not. It will come, so listen to your heart, and take one move forward today.
Release any negativity from your space, and you’re be waking up feeling more ALIVE then ever, and chances are won’t hit the snooze button as you’ll be so full of life, love and purpose that you’ll want to get up and make your day everything you want it to be.
Did this help? Did I speak to your heart and soul today?
Listen to yourself friend.
You know what you should be doing, but chances are you’re not listening, and in order for you to come to LIFE, you must be living your own life, and en route to making it better.
You won’t do that by looking at everyone else’s life, but rather looking at your own and doing the inner work on yourself in order to become a better version of yourself.
Have the most beautiful day.
You deserve that ❤️

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