Unconditional Love

mindset Oct 28, 2019

You were given a voice. Use it. You were given a body. Move it. You were given gifts and talents. Don’t waste them. You were given challenges and hardships. Use them to your advantage too. Or don’t 🤷‍♀️... and choose to stay stuck in the DARK.

You’ve got it all wrong. You didn’t come here to master unconditional love. That is where you came from, and where you will return if you get up and work on yourself.

Most are chasing exteriors, or dieting to lose some pounds. Most are chasing bigger, better, more....only to lose themselves in the process.

How about you try making LOVE and alignment with your highest self the goal instead? That goal is something you intensionally show up to work towards and honour daily. Not just when you “feel” like it.

You came here to learn personal love. Messy love. Sweaty love. Broken love. Whole love. .
That kind of love is lived through the grace of stumbling. Demonstrated clearly by the beauty of messing up, and failing often.

You didn’t come here to be perfect. You already are perfect.

You came here to be gorgeously human. Flawed and fabulous.

You’ve just lost your way. You’ve just become disconnected from the very thing you first originated from, because you let those struggles, hardships and challenges dim your light and keep you in the dark instead of using them to illuminate your beauty more.

You chose to settle, play small, keep quiet and let your dreams die in the daylight. You’re better than that sis, and chances if this is speaking to you... You’ll feel it too.

A year from now, everything you are stressing and worrying about won’t mean a thing.

TODAY is all you’ve got, and those things you are beating yourself up over and worrying over are exactly what you need right to evolve and grow into your best self.

My wish for you is that wherever you are, You will rise again into remembering who you really are. .
When you do that.. the outside will naturally catch up.

Happy. Healthy. Whole. Perfectly Imperfect. Flawed and Fabulous.

Has nothing to do with numbers or sizes friends. It’s a feeling within❤️

Have the most beautiful day. I know I will.

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