Turning the WORST.. Into the BEST.

mental health mindset motivation Apr 21, 2019

Easter. The picture on the left used to be me. Fitting that it popped up today. It makes me a little sad to see it.

The girl on the left. Half a smile. Dead eyes. Hoodies and boys warm up pants. There was no zest. No spark... No confidence. No health, and yet the “bad” stuff hadn’t even hit me yet.

The miscarriages hadn’t yet happened. The head on car accident. The home invasion. The marriage ending. The lawyers. The single parenting. The 2 stress leaves. The financial troubles. The starting over. The depression and anxiety. The grief and loss... The panic attacks....The being fired from a job.. Had yet to happen. 

Sad that I was existing for so many years, and even more sad that I continued to exist until I reached a point. The breaking point.

I sat in church today listening to the service. Moved by the music. Full of faith, love, gratitude, and belief. The question that popped up....

WHY do they call it GOOD FRIDAY if it was so bad?

And THAT my friends IS the secret to REALLY living a happy, healthy, beautiful, fulfilled life. To overcoming it all, and moving forward!!

It’s figuring out how YOU can turn the worst days of your life, into the BEST days of your life.

It’s flipping the perspective of it all, not wallowing and playing the VICTIM for all that has been GIFTED to you, but RISING above it all, and being victorious finding the lessons and honouring the GROWTH that came from the bad.

Friends. I know I say this all the time, but you have the power to change your life. You have it already inside of you, and only YOU can do that. Only YOU can decide you’re no longer willing to stay stuck!!

You should want to LIVE. You should want to be happy. You should want to be healthy. You should want to LOVE yourself. You should want to SMILE, and dance, and celebrate, and if you aren’t there yet...

Know that’s okay too. It’s hard, and while we know what we SHOULD do, it’s not always easy to do what we MUST in order to change.

The answers will come. The teachers will appear. The AHA moments will happen, and then you’ll simply DECIDE. Trust it. Give yourself time. Lean in.

Will it be easy to change your life? To lose weight? To forgive? To let go? To take a new path? No. Growth is hard. It’s miserable at times and it’s hard.. but it is worth it. 

Promise... and I guess what “they say” is true... 👉The BEST has yet to come 😘

Either way. I’m SO ready for it!

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