Turn your PAIN to PURPOSE

entrepreneurship mindset self love Dec 30, 2019

Monday Blues. They shouldn’t be part of your life...

I thought of my brother during my workout this morning. I haven’t seen him in 10 years. No idea where he is. In fact, my 2 youngest kids, don’t even know that I have a brother.

My parents adopted him when he was 4. Born to 2 drug addicts. He was bounced around from foster home to foster home. He didn’t finish school. He never held down a job. He went down a similar path. Drugs. Disability.

I found one of my journals last week, where he pushed my dad through a glass window and the cops came. I think I was 7 when I wrote it.

I often wonder what he’s doing with his life. I think of all the others out there suffering too.

But here’s what I BELIEVE. Actually. Scratch that. Here is what I KNOW for a FACT.

While you might not have been in control of the cards you were dealt in your life... but it’s YOUR JOB to play the hell out of ones you’re holding in your hand. There’s hope for us all.

Are you still suffering? Playing the victim. Letting your past ROB you of life TODAY? Take notes 📝

How about you turn your NEGATIVE into a positive? How about you turn your PAIN into PURPOSE?

Could my brother have helped other foster kids and been a voice of them? Could he volunteered his time? Could he found a bigger purpose for his pain? Could he used his personal suffering for a greater good.

I believe in my heart, 💯 % he could have.

How do I know? Because even though we aren’t blood, we were cut from the SAME cloth.

There’s no difference, except I used my pain and suffering for a greater PURPOSE that excites the hell out of me to get out of bed to help people LIVE.

Single mom? Depressed? PTSD survivor? Divorced? Victim of abuse? Addicted? Infertility? Bankrupt? Heart attack? Lose a loved one to Cancer? Obese? Foster kid? Homeless? …. Whatever your story is.

Conquer those Mountains ... Heal yourself, then extend your hand to LIFT others up. 💫💗

The BILLIONARE and the BEGGAR both have the same 24 hours in a day. They also will end up in the ground one day.

So what will you do with your time? With your LIFE? With your GIFTS? With your PAIN? With your SUFFERING?

Did you forget you had a choice?

Stay tuned as my Millionaire Mindset Business Coaching Program will be open for Enrolments soon. You want a different future? Get up and DO something with your life. Period.

The only credentials you need to make a difference in the world is your Masters of Education from the University called LIFE.....

Because let’s be real. At the end of this life, those fancy letters behind your name won’t matter, and they won’t be talking about what kind of car you drove, or what was hanging on your wall.

How about you start out trying to make a difference. You might find yourself rich beyond belief.

PS. John if you’re out there... Reading this. Know that I love you....but FUCK. No one is coming to save your ass. That’s your Job. This is your goddamn life here. Wake the hell up and get your shit together. You deserve an amazing life, but it’s your job to make this one life of yours amazing. Period.😘

xo Your little sis.

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