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childhood obesity covid-19 mental health transformation Sep 22, 2021
There was a study done recently of nearly 50,000 patients who tested positive with COVID-19, and the research confirmed that those infected already had inflammation in their body.
The research also confirmed that if you did not exercise prior to getting COVID-19 you were 2.5 times more likely to die.
This is the stuff you do not hear about on the news.
Major news networks receive billions of dollars in funding from pharmaceutical companies and what's interesting is Harvard researchers reported that over 200,000 people die at the hands of pharmaceutical drug companies each year.
It’s why you’ll see commercials about pizza and greasy fast food, then shortly there after a commercial about an anti-depressant, and new anxiety medication.
It’s likely why the McDonald’s near my home stopped serving salads once the pandemic hit, liquor and drug stores remained opened, a “passport” is now required to eat in public restaurants, and gyms are empty, and are closing down due to bankruptcy.
What’s next? A scarlet letter or a yellow star on your chest like the Jews were forced to wear in 1939?
The government makes MORE money off of sick people.
The TRUTH that must be heard and spread world wide is being silenced, fired, rejected, muted, banned, cancelled, attacked, and shut down once it’s questioned or talked about.
Most people getting sick and/or dying were not healthy to begin with, and yes, most were obese and/or overweight.
242,000,000 people are clinically OBESE or overweight in just the United States alone.
130,000,000 have diabetes or type 2 diabetes.
Childhood obesity rates are higher than ever along with drug overdoses and suicide rates.
What does HEALTH really look like?
Or better yet what did those getting sick and dying look like?
They did not eat well.
They did not move their body or have a solid, consistent meditation practice already in place.
They were already taking a bunch of other legal pharmaceutical drugs to treat a symptom but not removing the CAUSE.
And we won’t even know about their internal states like stress, fear, anxiety, depression, insecurity, sleep deprivation, past unhealed traumas, the state of their finances and relationships and whether or not they were actually living their life on purpose and doing something meaningful with their life.
We don’t know if they smoked, did recreational drugs or drank alcohol every day or what their brains scans revealed.
This all comes in to play for a healthy individual.
The government isn’t talking much about SOLUTIONS to fix the underlying causes of poor health conditions. They are only taking about drugs, isolation and separation.
On our way to pick up the kids yesterday from school my husband and I were having a conversation. My husband said "hopefully this will STOP soon", and my heart sank.
Sadly I don’t think it will until people know what to do, and take massive action over their life, health and have the proper tools, resources, support and education to do so.
Sadly I don't think it will until people start speaking up, have the inner confidence, courage, conviction, and strength to do so, and are standing up for what is right and what is true.
That’s where I come in.
Sadly most people are unhealthy, unfulfilled, unmotivated, uninspired and drugged up.
Breaking through to someone unconscious can be a big job. Especially in a world full of zombies and the walking dead.
Did you ever wonder WHY zombies go for the brains?
Well it’s the most important part in your entire system.
I don’t want you to have a better body.
I want you to have a better brain not only so you can live longer, but so you can begin to think for yourself and take ownership over your life, and the direction of it!
When you get better the world will get better too.
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PPS. If you're wanting to spread something, spread the TRUTH and share this with a friend or family member that you love. It might just save their life too.

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