Trust it and lean in!

Uncategorized Jun 17, 2020

It’s all unfolding perfectly for you. Trust it and lean in!

All your soul wants is to be FREE, and let me tell you... You are NEVER going to be free getting in your own way and letting your insecurities stop you.

13 years ago on this day I posted on my Facebook that I was SO excited to become a Weight Watchers Leader.

I had overcome my lifelong battle with obesity and truly cared to help people... but I QUIT before I started to lead meetings.

Insecure. Terrified. No belief in myself. Worried about opinions of others. Scared AF to speak my voice, so I stayed as a receptionist, for speaking in front of people terrified me!

I EVENTUALLY quit that reception job because my corporate job had me coming home late and I didn’t have the time anymore.

Helping people to transform their lives and get healthy was just a hobby for me. A passion project, something I never went to school for. You just need HEART❤️

Then something magically happened.

💫I QUIT the corporate world and got out of my own way. In fact the ONE ☝️ time I spoke my authentic voice I was fired!

💫 I quit staying quiet when I saw something was wrong.

💫 I quit caring about what others thought of me.

💫I quit playing small, and allowing others to DEFINE my worth of value in the marketplace.

💫 I quit conforming to the rules “they” made up, and created my own.

💫 I quit listening to the opinions of others and started to listen my OWN inner voice

💫 I quit comparing myself and my life to others

💫I quit hating MONDAYS too

Happiness, health and Personal Freedom is a beautiful thing to work towards.

I learned.

I learned all the skills necessary needed to overcome my own short comings.

I learned the skills needed to build my own personal development company from the ground up.

I took courses, read books and quit looking at my life and future as an after thought, and got super freaking intensional about quitting the things that no longer served me or my family

So what will you quit today?

I hope you choose to believe you CAN, and you QUIT playing small.

Believe you can do big scary things and build a life you love...

👉 If you’re waiting around for quitting time....Quit that shit STAT!!

It doesn’t serve you. Your health and happiness is on the line here, and you were meant for great BIG things.

Please believe me on this one!

Your insecurities, weaknesses and self doubt are just mountains  you can choose to conquer if you want, as there’s always room for you to grow into the person you know deep down you’re capable of becoming 🦋

Being great and extraordinary is in fact easy. Being mediocre when you know there’s a next level for you..... Now that’s HARD.

Make sure you hop in my free group that I’ve been posting about that is coming up!

I’m going to teach you some things that might help you unlock your true purpose in life and how you too can become happy, healthy and whole again.

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