Too Blessed to be Stressed

anxiety happiness mindset motivation Nov 21, 2018

Moms do you find this time your stress level is super high? Like a big juicy pimple that just comes to surface and eventually🤯 EXPLODES.

Ya.. Me too, and yesterday that totally happened.

I don’t want you feel like you’re failing. You’re not. Life is BUSY!

Between kids, work, birthday parties, basketball, dance, a toddler, Christmas shopping, the homework, play dates, the permission slips.. There are seasons where I find the stress high and my anxiety increases.

THEN... Oh wait for it.

I had someone with no kids tell me they were “too busy” for a 30 minute workout. and I legit wanted to punch 🤛 her in the face. 👉👉Walk away Lindsay. Walk away before someone gets hurt here.

NO joke, How Do you do it all?

Well Moms I’m just going to tell you what works for me. The coles not version is I REFUSE to let this MOTHER SHIP SINK, and I have huge WHY that keeps me going!

1️⃣ I REFUSE to let being busy be an excuse to neglect my own self care. Tried that once. Haggarag, exhausted and being miserable daily, wasn’t working for me. I add myself to the TOP of the to-do list.

2️⃣ 30 minutes of fitness at home is what I do most days. I barely have time to pee alone. This new 20 minute program I’m doing is even better! This mom legit has no time for a gym

3️⃣Take some time. This morning I’m clocking in a little later than normal. I needed to slow down. Organize a closet. Curl my hair and get my Lysol Wipes out. Cleaning actually makes me happy. Putting on makeup, and feel pretty also works for me.

4️⃣Music. I turn on the tunes LOUD… and just get into a new energy level.

5️⃣ GRATITUDE. Instead of focusing on how busy I am, my Mantra shifts. I am TOO BLESSED to be Stressed, and refocus on the miracles and magic moments in my life.

6️⃣ Make a list. What’s currently bothering you? For me it sounds silly, but I get stressed when there’s surface mess EVERYWHERE. I took time this morning to get those things done.

7️⃣ Moms…. Seriously. Take a day. Call in sick. Take a mental health day, and get yourself grounded again. Go shop. Go date yourself. Do something for you! I hope for your own sake you haven’t lost yourself. If you have... FIND HER!

8️⃣ Breathe. I meditate a few times a day. I unplug often, and just take some time to focus on my breath. If your anxiety is super high this time of year, get STILL friends!

9️⃣ Forgive yourself. You gotta release the guilt, the shame, the guilt. You gotta pick yourself up, dust yourself off, wipe away your tears and BOSS UP.


Now it’s time for me to get to work!

I’ve got ladies to enrol for my December group, and I’m running a Free Healthy for the Holidays group next week, and a NEW 20 minute program launch is in a few weeks.

Can’t wait.

You’ve got this beauties. Yes it takes WORK, and focus, but the payoffs are huge.



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