Time To Rise

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For 35 years she lived inside her mind. It’s taken a while to return back home to her body, and truly come to know the power of her own heart.

For 35 years she only saw the bad, and what was wrong.

She could never see the good, and no matter how hard she tried she always came back around to the very bottom.

One day she placed her hand on her heart and ask the exiled part of her how old she was.

She was 6.

She never took her back to age 3 when she was almost molested by a neighbour.

She took her back to a memory at age 6.

The exiled part of her retuned her back to a time when her mother hit her.

She took her back to the only time her mother spanked her for breaking one of her expensive bird statues.

“That was expensive”.

“That cost a lot of money”.

In that moment the little girl learned that stuff, money and working was more important than herself.

She learned and believed she was worthless.

She asked the little exiled child where the pain was.

"The heart" she said...


“I hid you, and protected you so that you wouldn’t be seen, and that no one could hurt or touch you”.

And the vicious cycle continued.

Obesity, debt, insecurity, trauma, rejection, drugs, alcohol, anger, depression, rage, addiction, hoarding, divorce, back pain, lack of support, lack of trust, and illness followed her around.

Every where she went her inner world reflected back to her.

It continued and began to spread to her own bloodline.

She spanked her little boy for breaking a cheap ass necklace bought on clearance as she rushed out the door to go to a dead end job.

She yelled at her girls for smearing chocolate chip pancakes on her new light coloured couch.

She spent her days staring into a cellphone or laptop as she worked relentlessly always trying to get ahead.

Then her body shut down.

Anxiety attacks started to happen.  

Her health deteriorated.

Her debt continued to mount.

Her relationships crumbled.

Then she woke up and decided to put an end to generational curses that were handed down to her.

Then she decided to do what was hard.

She decided to RISE and bury all that bullshit in the grave where it fucking belonged.

You see, in order to heal it and stop it from spreading ´┐╝one must feel it.

One must go deep and look at EVERYTHING right in the fucking face and handle it.

One must be strong and fearless.

Then one day you’ll be sitting on your own gold mine.

You will be full of love, health, peace, joy, energy, confidence, connection, truth, purpose, and God.

And man, that’s worth getting up and fighting for.

Roots run deep, but you always have the option to establish your own roots that are built on love and only love.

May this be the year you finally get your own shit together.


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Trust me.

You’re worth it.




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