Keeping Busy... The real truth

May 20, 2020

I smiled when I heard Dennis say to the lady on the phone.  I need to call you back...I’m busy teaching my daughter how to ride a bike.  That was the kind of busy I had in mind years ago

 The truth is I stopped myself this week.


I was about to say to someone “Just keep busy… It will help get your mind off of things”.


In fact that would have been the worst thing I ever could have said to someone hurting or going through a challenging time in their life, for if you’re always keeping busy to take your mind off things, you’ll never fully heal yourself, or FEEL what you’ve gotta feel so you can actually be healthy and whole again.

 “Busy”…but “good”, is a crock of shit.

Stillness, quiet, and listening to your feelings and honouring what comes up for you is where true transformation and health comes from.

 Most people are looking to fix the outside but have yet to stop and take the time needed to turn inward.

  • They’ve yet to really honour how they are feeling…


  • They’ve yet to uncover WHY they need to always keep busy and what it is they are busy keeping their "minds off of" to address the bigger underlying problem…


  • They keep experiencing anxiety, depression, outbursts of anger, rage, addiction, exhaustion but don’t slow down long enough to get to the bottom of it.


  • They’ve yet to cry those tears, really feel those hurts, heal those wounds, atone for their own errors, forgive others, let things go, and transcend that negative energy that is trapped up inside of them and that continues to weigh them down.


  • They’ve yet to do the real work required for long term happiness from within, for they are so busy keeping busy to keep their mind off things.


See the vicious cycle here as to why you might still be struggling and stuck in the dark?

There's a HUGE difference between GOOD, and "busy"...but good...

There's a difference between honouring your life, counting your blessings, fully living, being present with what is, finding inner peace, and just going though the motions of life.


So, I challenge you today.

Get real with yourself.

Are you really good?

Are you really fine?

Have you really felt those emotions?

Cried those tears?

Processed those emotions?



Or are you still not grounded because you’re still going a mile a minute, and complaining why you’re tired, unhappy, and unhealthy all the time?


Trust me when I say 100%,  you can be still be happy, whole, healthy while still experiencing hard stuff in life.

Trust me when I say that you can still have energy while you’ve got a lot on your plate and it's a stressful uncertain time.

Trust me when I say that you won’t ever heal what’s broken if you’re lying to yourself and saying things like I’m busy… but good all the time.


Trust me when I say you can still smile, laugh and have fun while hard times are happening, and that you don't need to worry yourself sick.  


Trust me when I say you won't ever be healthy if you don't FEEL it, deal with it, process it, and find a new meaning to your pain and suffering.

Life doesn’t work that way.   

Health doesn't work that way.

Happiness doesn't work that way.

Wholeness doesn't work that way.


What I do know is that you've got everything already within you and you are fully equipped with everything you need on this day, but you might still be looking outside yourself instead of looking within yourself to find the answers you really need to pull you through.


Have the most beautiful day.

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