The Final Lesson - Ego Is A Bitch

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Ego is a bitch and no matter what you do, or where you go, if you don’t learn to shut down the voice of fear, you will experience life circumstances that continue to produce less than desirable results in your life.



No matter where I stepped, or where I moved to nothing was ever good enough.



I’d land in one spot and sooner or later that too wasn’t good enough.



I’m not sure if I felt this way because I wanted and desired a better life for myself and my family, and knew deep down there was more…



Or if I was an ungrateful, selfish, miserable bitch.



Perhaps a little bit of both.




But what I know to be true is that if you’re not solid, fulfilled and happy right where you sit regardless of your outside circumstances, you’ll continue to manifest and attract garbage into your life.



You’ll attract people who cut corners and don’t do their jobs properly.



You’ll attract less than desirable friends, and ego driven maniacs who are only interested in themselves and making money.



You’ll be given more work for the same pay.


You will attract people who are insecure, needy, desperate and take advantage of you.



Your house will be cluttered, filled with junk and will be constantly dirty. 


You’ll attract abusers and addicts.


You’ll attract a spouse who is lazy, sleeps all day and can’t carry their own weight around the house.



You’ll be unhealthy and will gain weight or will be constantly fixated on your body.



Your body will be in constant pain and you’ll have sciatica pain or chronic back problems.



You’ll have irregular bowels and infertility issues.



You will look older than you truly are.



You'll be exhausted all the time.




You’ll have anxiety, depression, panic attacks and many trips to the hospital.



Your sex life will suck or be nonexistent.



Your children will be scared of you, push you away, misbehave, and disrespect you. 


Your children will have anxiety and depression.



You’ll attract soul sucking individuals who have no capacity to love, support and accept you.



You’ll attract negativity and people who constantly complain.



You’ll be in debt.



You’ll attract financial disasters, court battles, and you will continue to waste and lose money.


You’ll never be able to afford the things you truly want in life.



You’ll attract liars and thief’s.



You’ll attract people who are rude, hate you for no good reason and are jealous of you.


You’ll attract people who always show up late and constantly disappoint you and let you down.



You’ll attract stress and drama.



You’ll have insecurity and won't be able to speak your own voice. 


You’ll have no time to have fun and enjoy your life.





So that is why today and every single day you must do everything in your power to rise above that small weak voice of fear and come to a wholesome space of I am MORE than good enough, and I am happy today.




So HOW do we begin that?



You rise early.


You meditate.


You shine light onto any darkness you may carry on the inside.


You heal and let go of the past.


You forgive people.


You move forward with your life.


You set an intention for the day.


You pray.


You practice gratitude.


You eat well and nourish your body with wholesome quality foods.


You take your vitamins and supplements.


You drink your water.


You move your body.


You shower, shave, moisturize your skin, brush your teeth, do your hair, put some makeup on if you like to wear it, put some deodorant and perfume on, and you make yourself feel good.



You dress the way you love, and clothe yourself in quality fabrics that feel good on your skin.




You make your bed every morning.



You teach your kids to make their bed every morning.



You show up and be the best spouse and parent you can be.



You get your kids to school on time.



You show up to work early.



You work hard.



You pay your taxes.



You say no to anyone and anything that’s not a 10, or an immediate yes.



You go for massages and treat yourself to facials, manicures and pedicures.



You don’t abuse your body with tobacco, drugs or excessive alcohol consumption.


You’re kind, courageous and treat everyone you meet with respect.


You budget and manage your money like a responsible adult.



You choose to be unique and different and you unfollow the herd.


You donate your time and money to a worthy cause.


You mind your own business.


You don’t lose yourself to distraction or waste your precious life away on social media.



You make healthy meals for your family without complaint.



You clean your home and take care of your belongings.


You invest money into yourself.



You stand up for yourself and you don’t allow people to walk all over you.



You don’t hang around losers and people who like to gossip and talk bad about other people.



You read good books and keep educating yourself.



You get a good nights sleep.



You take regular family vacations and spend quality time with the people you love the most.


You make big deals out of birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and any other reason to celebrate.




You don’t settle.


You don’t play small.


You take up space.


You keep going.



You think about how you can be used for a greater good.


You ask for help when you need it.




You remove self doubt and disbelief from your life.



You trust, believe and have faith that you are always being guided, and that you will always be supported.



You never quit on yourself.



You fully love and accept yourself.



You own your greatness and never apologize for who you are.



You laugh, have fun, enjoy your favourite treats without guilt and do what brings you joy.




So today and every day show up and keep fighting the good fight friend.



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