The wound is where the light 💫 enters you

mindset miracle morning self love Feb 06, 2020

Rumi once said that the wound is where the light 💫 enters you. Let that sink in for a hot minute.

What if today you simply drew the line in the sand and accepted yourself, flaws, imperfections, wounds and all, and showed up to LOVE them?

What if you made your goal simply show up on this day and operate from a place of gratitude and respect for all of your imperfections and wounds?

What if you decided to change the story you’ve been telling yourself for years that is making you feel dark on the inside?

What if you put yourself back together again, by love, instead of hate? If no one told you lately, you are more than enough. You are beautiful, you are strong, you are worthy, simply because you are here.

As a expert in Transformation there’s nothing I love more than to help women to find themselves again. To crack them open and expose them to their TRUE potential so they can live... Happy, healthy, and WHOLE.

But you my dear friend most do that heart work to put yourself back together again ❤️
Whole... and complete from the inside out.

5 tips to get you started feeling good today!!

1️⃣Daily affirmations: I want to FEEL GOOD. Is what you’re thinking right now making you feel good? Is how you’re choosing to think towards others making you feel good? Is what you’re going to eat going to make you feel good after? If not, go the opposite direction and make a better choice.

2️⃣Silent Blessings. When you walk past someone, smile, wish them joy wish them happiness. Give them a silent blessing.

3️⃣Cheer yourself on. You’re not a shitty mom. You’re not gross. You’re not a failure. You’re a perfect creation, that deserves love on THIS day. What ARE you doing? What progress steps forward have you made?

4️⃣I SEE 👀 YOU.. anytime fear or worry comes into your mind… Witness it. Acknowledge it, Transcend it through love. Give a silent thanks for exposing your truth. Understand when you experience something that triggers you, you’re at war with yourself.

5️⃣Let it go. Surrender. Wave the Flag 🇨🇦 . There will come a point in time where being at war with yourself gets to be exhausting. You will wave the flag. You will fall to your knees. You will essentially give up on what is no longer working. You’ll crack. You’ll break. You’ll cry.. but then the light will come. Then more love will come. Then that AHA moment will come knowing you are now on the right path that is leading you higher.

In times of doubt, struggle, heartache, defeat.. always trust and that life is in fact happening for you. Not to you, and the best is still yet to come.

Have the most beautiful day, and I sure hope you got yourself enrolled in my Rise and SHINE free group. It’s my most life changing free group ever.

Trust me. You were BORN meant to shine, but maybe you’re still stuck in the dark 💫

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