The COST of your DREAMS

entrepeneurship mindset motivation Dec 04, 2019

Mommy, Why is your face red?

Well honey.. I was frustrated, feeling defeated, and needed a good cry. Leadership.

Being an Entrepreneur. The COST of your DREAMS. Going a different way than a capped salary and limited time off... HARD AF.

Truth is, I cried last night as I thought I’d be further along. PERFECTIONISM, Self Doubt, and FEAR reared its ugly head. Wanting things on MY timing, on MY schedule. I feel it. I recognize it. I keep going.

When things are MESSY in the middle and we want a QUICK FIX because we don’t like the uncertainty, WHO are you?

Are you someone who quits and phones it in, and says it’s “too hard”, makes up some lame bullshit excuse at the expense of your happiness.. OR do you keep going with faith and courage, and resilience, knowing deep within you’re meant for more?

There are NO QUICK fixes to success. In fact, it’s the hardest I’ve ever worked in my entire life.. Going after freedom.

We all know that if our work environment is toxic, if we aren’t making progress, if we aren’t doing what we are meant to be doing, everything goes to shit.

Anyone that is a LEADER is someone who finds the potential in people. I am a leader. I can’t say when I was on the corporate world, I was surrounded by leaders.

In fact, I was surrounded by managers dictating and making stupid rules.

Managers who told me I should have went to university if I wanted to make more money.

Managers who told me I made too much and put my salary on a freeze.

Managers who told me when to show up, what to wear, or how to speak.

Managers who didn’t even bother to ask how the weekend was, or cared about connection and family.

You know what I learned being in an environment like that?

My whole world was shit. My health and family suffered. I wasn’t around leaders, for REAL leaders in an organization find potential in people and want to see them GROW.

Leaders are vulnerable. They have courage. They speak their truth. They have a bigger purpose as opposed to just clocking in, clocking out and collecting a pay cheque. They want others to win, and when they don’t. They question themselves!

It’s why I keep showing up. Why I keep helping.

Why I am looking for strong leaders to work with and to BE with. They are hard to find. But you CAN find them. You CAN be one too. You too can level up and face your fears, and keep going.

If no one told you lately. Your voice matters... your story matters.... YOU matter and your success isn’t measured or based on the big corner office with a view and a title.

Your success is measured by the LIVES you touch.

By daring greatly. By getting outside of the box to take others to the next level. By facing your fears, conquering your SELF DOUBT, skilling UP to become a better version of yourself, and going forward anyways.. even when it’s HARD and doubt or fear could easily win.

Even when you’re scared, or fearful... or worry...

So I ask... if you’re NOT where you want to be, what are you doing about that, crying like a baby and staying mediocre??

OR… Crying like a baby, wiping those tears, picking yourself back up, dusting yourself, and getting focused and realigned on becoming the person you KNOW deep doing you were meant to be??

Being a follower, blending in, conforming, following the heard, showing up to work harder for someone’s else’s dreams and following someone else’s silly rules with a capped salary and limited time to spend with those you love??


Being a LEADER of your life, and going your way, speaking up, doing good, helping people, and living a life you love?

If you’re like me, and are square peg trying to fit into a round hole...,

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition and develop into your potential, and don’t you DARE phone it in because it’s hard. You LOSE every time!

I know there’s potential in YOU...

Maybe you just don’t believe it or see it yet, and you’ve never been around leaders. But more so managers trying to keep you SMALL.

Take up space beauty. Don’t let perfectionism, self doubt and fear win.

It ain’t over until YOU win, and you are doing this to make your LIFE BETTER.

Remember that 😘 


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