The Better Half

love mindset Jul 10, 2020

I remember the day clearly.⁣

It was a Thursday night, and I opened my laptop to go onto a dating site. Where else was I going to meet someone being a single mom with an 18 month old ??

I found him and reached out first, as I didn’t actually have a profile picture up. ⁣

I chuckled a little when he told me his name was Dennis.⁣.. he told me that I could call him Den, but I’ve never called him that.

We met for the first time in a beer store parking lot, and I had a screwdriver in my purse... “just incase” he was some nut job.⁣

I went to shake his hand, he laughed and gave me a hug instead.⁣

From that moment forward when I got into his dusty car that he couldn’t be bothered to clean before our date....I KNEW that he was someone I’d want in my life for a long time.⁣

When I told him my plans of building a business, he said do whatever you wanna do.. (Cause he knew I’d do it anyways)⁣

Never once have I heard him complain.⁣

Never once have I heard him yell or scream.

Never once have I heard a bad word spoken about someone else.

Never once has he ever doubted me.⁣

I feel truly blessed each and every day... and LOOK... His wife now has a self-help book 😆 ⁣

This should get REAL interesting....but either way, he helped ME become a better version of myself.

Hands down, he’s the better half.

Hands down, when you’re ready, those people magically appear into your life and you’re so thankful for them each and every day. 💗💫


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