The Best is ALWAYS Yet to Come.

faith mindset self love spirituality Dec 01, 2019

Can I share something with you?

I wasn’t always a believer.

The day we found out we were pregnant with Elliott, 2 white little butterflies 🦋 landed on our windshield.

To date, my 6th pregnancy was the most peaceful and healthiest. I’ve been blessed with 3 babies here on earth to care for.

A Sense of Spirit. You must have that inner sense that you can’t see… but FEEL you have a sense of PURPOSE and direction.

Her pregnancy was smooth. I wasn’t scared. I continued my workouts 5-6 times a week. I drank my superfoods, ate well, watched my portions. Enjoyed cookies when I wanted, and we scheduled her delivery by c-section. Healthy and strong she was.

I wasn’t always convinced. WHY would all these bad things keep happening to me?

From miscarriages, car accidents, financial hardship, a loved one with a hidden drug addiction, divorce, loss of a job, health scares.. WHY?

Today I know better. Today I’ve come out, understanding that life was in fact happening FOR me. Not to me. I’m not a victim. I’m actually really blessed and grateful for it all.

I can show up today. STRONGER and more centred at my core filled with love, acceptance, grace, happiness, forgiveness, peace, trust, and faith… Even IF things are not going according to my plans.

Today.. just say thank you.

💗Thank you for the heart that kept beating even when it was broken.

💗Thank you for every answer you received in your gut.

💗Thank you for the courage to trust yourself, and speak your voice even when it was hard.

💗Thank you for every time you recovered when you pushed yourself a little too far.

💗Thank you for the gentle nudges when you have stepped out of line, and have not acted in accordance with your highest self.

💗Thank you for grounding me back to humility when you let your EGO get in the way.

💗Thank you for the protection and space that allowed me to carry my most precious gifts.

💗Thank you for taking my health, when I wasn’t prioritizing self care. I now know better.

💗Thank you for all those teachers placed in my path, that help me grow into a better version of myself.

💗 Thank you for those scary wake up calls, that snapped me back to the present moment.

💗Thank you for every failure that propelled me in a new direction.

💗 Thank you for all those dark nights and the gift of vision and a brighter future.

Thank you💗

Let me remind you. You don’t HAVE to get up. You GET to. There’s a big difference.

This life of yours is a gift, maybe start acting like it and see how much the game changes😘

What are you thankful for?

Have the most beautiful Sunday.

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