That VIBRANT life

mindset motivation self love Feb 25, 2020

If we are going to be vibrant we have to be willing to try first.  Today is a brand new day that we get to show up to.


By showing up to work on yourself, you’ll not only feel that vibrancy within, but others will notice that powerful energy too.  You’ll attract more goodness into your life simply by turning inward and asking yourself the tough questions...


Like HOW have I been showing up lately, and are there areas I need to improve on.


Imagine a life where you wake up excited again. Where you wake up vibrant and joyful, not caring what you look like, for you know the jackpot lies within.


Keep in mind at the end of this life, your loved ones won’t care how you look or what the scale says, but they will remember how you showed, the difference you made, vibrant you were, and how present you were around them.


Be willing to try today. Show up. Give thanks.  Move.... even if it’s for 10 minutes, set a daily intension and LIVE into it.


Alternatively you can keep going through the motions pretending to be good and fine, but we all know that’s going to get pretty lame after a while.


Wherever you are right now. You’re there, and I want you to feel good TODAY.  Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not after things slow down.


Your life is happening now.


  1. Know that you can think your way to misery and failure, or you can think your way to success and happiness.  Identify who you’ve been thinking lately. Awareness is key.
  2. Intention setting daily.  How would your best self show up today. Every day I think of 3 words I want to be grounded in. 1st always is LOVE. Then it goes something like patient. Focused. Kind. Compassionate. 
  3. Once you identify how you’ve been showing up, ask yourself. What is one step I MUST make today to move the needle forward into make my day vibrant, energized, happy. Do you need to make an appointment? Ask someone for help? Move? Start eating better?  Update your resume? Slow down?


Whatever it is for you, just know that you’re doing an amazing job.  Give yourself some credit, keep going, and know that today, on THIS day you are exactly where you need to be.  Trust it.


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