Thanks, but NO thanks!

mindset motivation Sep 06, 2020
Living a life you don’t love? Um… No thanks!
Keep showing up and don’t quit until you’ve found that personal freedom!
💫Think of all the times you showed up and kept your mouth shut even though you knew better and wanted to speak up.
💫Think of all the times you did something above and beyond for others and they didn’t notice.
💫Think of all the times you knew something was off and you stayed longer simple because you wanted to make others happy, or do a really great job, and yet at the end of the day you were filled with frustration, resentment, bitterness, and anger because you gave too much away.
💫Think about all that time and energy you put out for others to not appreciate you and yet internally you were feeding yourself with all of the negatives emotions that went along with you not standing up for yourself, speaking your voice, valuing your time, or taking your power back.
You some how allowed others to put words into your mouth, you somehow said yes when you should have said NO, and you some how magically woke up one day and didn’t recognize yourself.
Nothing just “magically” happens over night, but day by day you wake up and reclaim your OWN life back.
I can remember multiple times in my life where I allowed myself to be used, mistreated, underpaid, unappreciated and I never spoke up. I just conformed.
I can also remember multiple times in my life where I got the nudge to leave, or get the fuck out of places I didn’t belong in, and I did.
At the time you don’t see it.
At the time you think that it’s “normal” to just sit down, shut up, do as you are told and you do it.
At the time you didn’t realize that trading your soul at the expense of making others happy or doing a job to not even be compensated is OKAY, and I”m here to tell you it’s not.
But NO thanks.
You set the standard for your life.
When you get those nudges, those whispers, those signs that you’re doing way more than you should be, that your time and energy is not being taken into account for all the hard work you are doing, you must take your power back.
I am not saying be selfish, don’t help anyone or stop’s NOT what I am saying at all.
What I am saying is this: 1 million percent you should be showing up with excellence, and a higher standard for your life, serving, giving, and helping in a greater capacity to make this world a better place, but if you know in your heart that your time and energy is worth more and is priceless to you and your family, you will STOP giving yourself away so freely to others who never appreciated your good deeds in the first place.
So today, instead of carrying more hate, resentment, bitterness, anger, give THANKS.
The only thing wrong with you is that you deserve better, and you’re settling.
Give thanks to all of those beautiful life lessons and teachers in your life that gave you the experience and wisdom in your life you desperately needed to know that you DO in fact deserve better.
Give thanks for all the years you settled for less, and give a big NO THANKS to anything else including people, places, co-workers, friends, family, jobs, careers, and stuff that do not serve your highest good.
Get rid of it, or get it out of your life as soon as possible, and create strict boundaries and guidelines for your life.
Do not let fear stop you. Let the fear of what your life will look like in 5-10 years if you don’t make a change.
Let that fuel and motivate you to give you and your family that better life you know deep down you deserve.
Got it?
Your Coach

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