Thankful for Every day.. Not just Fridays.

Uncategorized Aug 02, 2020

Every Friday afternoon I would check the job postings... but my heart sank as soon as it said I NEEDED 2 little letters behind my name.⁣

Today I’ve got 3 letters..... 💫 M.O.M my most important job in the whole wide world, and it’s their beautiful faces plastered all over my walls.

If "normal" these days is going to work, waiting for the weekend, a capped salary, limited vacation time, waiting for retirement to barely get by, I don't want any part of "normal".⁣

So be the crazy one. ⁣

Be the unreasonable one. Be the weird one, for your life is on the line here. ⁣

I spoke my voice once. I spoke my authentic truth, stood up for myself and what was right, was backed behind purpose and a strong moral compass, I worked hard and guess what happened?⁣

I was fired.⁣

Understand that you might be 100% be correct in what you are fighting for, but not everyone will care, agree, and ultimately if you are not the one managing the budget, you can be replaced or disposed of in a heartbeat.⁣

That can be so frustrating when you’re standing up for what’s right, or what’s fair and you are backed behind good intention and purpose, so what do you do?⁣

...Do you stay there and settle for less, and tolerate what you know is not right in your heart?⁣

...Do you stay quiet, and pretend that it doesn’t bother you?⁣

...Do you continue to be handed more work for the same pay, day after day, and continue to be dumped on with "other duties as assigned'?⁣

...Do you keep complaining at the expense of your own happiness and health?⁣

NO.... You get to work.⁣

Last time I checked no one is coming to make your life better.⁣

🔥🔥The government doesn’t owe you jack shit🙌.⁣

Now one really cares at the end of the day about your family as much as you do.⁣

So will you keep doing what you know deep within isn’t working?⁣

Will you be your own hero in life?⁣

Or will you get to work harder on building your dreams instead of going to work to build someone else?⁣

Those are your choices.⁣
Those are your options.⁣

I’d suggest option #2, for if you’re miserable and unhappy on the inside, you’ll feel that. Your family will feel that. ⁣

Trust me, when I say there SUCH abundance out there, but you gotta be brave enough to follow your own heart, speak your own voice, stand up for what you believe in…⁣

EVEN if other’s don’t like it.⁣
Even if others don’t get you.⁣

For last time I also checked… The opinions of others don’t also pay your bills, and they have NO clue what keeps you up at night.⁣

Go all in on yourself. Your life. Your happiness… and yes.. If you need help, don’t continue to let your family SUFFER because of your goddamn ego.⁣

I played that game too, and lost greatly. You the right people in your corner cheering you on to WIN.⁣

...Not everyone will work as hard as you do.⁣
...Not everyone will see your vision.⁣
...Not everyone wants more for their life.⁣
...Not everyone has the same dreams and goals as you do.⁣

...Not everyone will understand you, but then again, you’re NOT everyone.⁣

You are you, and the ONLY you that’s out there, so why are you still playing small with this one life you’ve got?⁣

I won’t ever say this is easy, in fact… It’s hard, and I'm so glad you're here. ⁣

If you want happiness, health and freedom you’re going to have to demand more out of yourself. You’re going to have to become a whole new you, for you know the old you wasn’t working anyways. ⁣
You are going to have to find new friends, new mentors and raise your standards.⁣

That’s courage. That’s bravery. That’s HARD work. ⁣

If you’re way out of whack settling for less than you deserve, you’ll feel that anger, that frustration, the resentment, that mediocrity within.⁣

Time to change right? Time to get the help you really need right? Time to get over that fear you have and start listening to the truth.⁣

Ultimately it’s not what YOU want, it’s what that whisper wants, and that whisper won’t stop until you get exactly what you told yourself you couldn’t have.⁣

Let’s do it. I've got you covered and I'm cheering you on to win! ⁣

See you at the top friend, for there's enough room for us all to win when you're being exactly who you were created to be.⁣

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"You get in life what you have the courage to ask for" ~ Oprah Winfrey