Strong Core of WHO you are!

mindset motivation self love spirituality Sep 02, 2019

Day 28 of my 100 Day Journey testing out this new program! Fight Club. 30 minutes.. you can check my stores to see some moves.I loved it so much.

Why? Because FIGHTERS have a STRONG CORE. Who cares about abs y’all. Nice to have. But at the end of this life, there isn’t a special place in heaven for people with abs.

Are you STRONG at the 👉👉CORE of WHO. YOU. REALLY. ARE??

In any fight, there are TWO fighters. But the beautiful thing about this journey of ours is there is NO competition. There is room for us all to win. There is enough room for us all to be beautiful and successful.

TWO FIGHTERS, and your job is the take down the opponent that is the weakest.

One opponent will take you down to the ground and keep you there if you LET IT. The other opponent who must WIN the FIGHT, is the one that is going to lead you to the victory of PEACE and HAPPINESS in your life.

Healing ❤️and health is accomplished the instant you DECIDE you no longer see any VALUE in the pain you are choosing.

Weakness is an election. A DECISION, a choice to let the other fighter within to win. That fighter is FIERCE, and it will take you DOWN if you do not get up every day and take her down.

You must be fierce. The weak self is FEAR, doubt, laziness, insecurity, over consumption, comparison, abuse, addiction, greed, judgement, anger, resentment, bitterness. You must fight against all of that so you can WIN.

The weak self will lead you to a life of struggle, sickness, debt, worry, anxiety, depression, dis-ease, stress, and death.

Have you ever thought about the enormous amount of ENERGY you are WASTING on denying your own truth? Have you ever thought about the enormous amounts of ENERGY you are putting towards the VERY thing you DO NOT WANT?

At the CORE of who you are, you are beautiful, you are perfect, you are loved, you are worthy, you are healthy, you are strong, you are abundantly blessed, you are ENOUGH.

You can choose to listen to the weak self, or the one that speaks the TRUTH. Your call.

Be that fighter. There are SO many answers WITHIN you have received, but have not HEARD yet. So many answers you have NOT trusted.

All you gotta do is pick yourself up off the ground and fight back. You’re strong enough. You can win. Promise ❤️

Have the most beautiful day!


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