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mindset self love Aug 11, 2020

Ready to live stress free and full of life?

Wouldn’t it be beautiful to wake up and know that you don’t have to get anything, be anywhere, or do anything, but rather show up to be yourself, and give more of yourself than ever before?


You lack nothing. You need nothing.  You essentially are nothing but rather an energy source from within that you can’t see.


I took 2 stress leaves before the age of 30.  I would say a decade of stress, that kept compounding, and at the time you don’t realize how much you place upon yourself, but it all adds up.  Eventually you crack, for failing health doesn’t just happen.


Eventually you hit a brick wall, and you’ve got no other option but to change your ways and do life differently.


Everything outside of yourself won’t make you happy or make you feel secure, but rather it’s an illusion and a game the rest of the world can play, for players of that game will always continue to lose.


Trading their time and health of money and things.  You are smarter than that, otherwise that whisper that there must to more to life, would just shut the hell up and you’d be happy right?

The fact that you’re always looking outside of yourself is the very reason you’re stressed, unhappy, and unhealthy.

Tune into the good stuff like love, joy, energy, gratitude, and peace of mind rather than always looking outside trying to get someplace else.  Don’t be that person today that always sees lack or is in that constant state of striving.  Trade that desperate need to get, for a constant state of being.


Get up and give to others.  Get up and stay centred amidst the chaos that goes on around you.  Get up and continue to stay solid and on a firm foundation of strength, health, and appreciation for life in itself.


You’ve got this one life and are you getting up to really live it and soak it all in?


You can’t be too busy for that, for eventually you’re going to be really busy living a life you don’t love and working hard to put the pieces of your broken and unhealthy self, back together again.


You thought it was hard, and you were busy before?  Oh, just you wait.  The real work happens when you’re tired, so get up and take some preventative measures today. Life is much easier and less stressful that way.  I think that would be a beautiful life goal and something to work towards, don’t you?


What is a preventative measure you are going to take today to optimize your health?

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