Stay in the light...

Aug 15, 2020

Every day I’m surrounded by angels.

Some in real life, some that can only be felt.

This is one of my most favourite pictures from COVID when quarantine first started for us back in March.

The sun was shining, and she grabbed some toilet paper and stood in the sunshine.

I looked at her and thought to myself….

While people are out there fearing the worst, stocking up on toilet paper, and raiding food shelves…..YOU my beautiful child continue to stay in the light, and your MOMMA is gonna get to WORK, getting busy teaching the entire world that FEAR is made up in the mind, and there’s actually nothing to be worried about, when you’re the one in control.

In this house we don’t have time to fear, or stress, or panic, excess, or hoards.


Solutions only.

I’d encourage you to turn inward, and ask yourself are you part of the PROBLEM breeding and sharing your fear, or are you going to find a solution or create a solution?

Only ONE choice will change your life, and the lives of others around you too.

Choose wisely.

Just like fear and stress is a choice, so is the beautiful gift of a decision.

Scared? Fearful? Do the world a favour and stay home, and inside, as you self quarantine in your darkness. 🐛 🦋 It’s necessary for growth, change and transformation.

Every day I pray, that those sitting in fear, or losing themselves to distraction and failing health, that my post will land in the lap of someone who is ready, who has had enough and who is ready to change, and ask for help.

Take it lord, spread my voice, my posts far and wide, and send me those I’m meant to help. Knowing that Love 💗 can also contaminate others and help change the world... but in a much better way.

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