So Free. So Innocent.

Sep 27, 2019

This morning I watched my little Elliott Jane. She was so free. So innocent.

She didn’t care that her underwear was half shoved up her bum cheek and that she had cute dimples there. She didn’t think twice about what to wear. She didn’t care if she had yogurt on her nose and her hair was a mess. She didn’t compare herself to her sister, and she told her daddy she liked his sweatshirt.

Free. Pure love.

Yet to become detached. Yet to experience something in her life that’s going to change her. Shape her.

I thought about it, and it’s coming. She’s going to get cut from a team. She’s going to experience a mean girl. She’s going to have a boy who breaks her heart. She’s going to be turned down from a job opportunity. She’s going to become detached, from herself, and then she’s going to have to find her way back.

I remember exactly where I was, the day, the situation where I was made to feel not good enough. Judged. Different. It was grade 4. Up until that point I was a care free little girl who would sing and dance in her bedroom. I had big dreams, but that day I was pulled out of class, placed on the scale and made to feel different.

I got my class pictures back and I saw ugly. I saw fat. I got chased home from school. I had my pants pulled down at the park. I had a boyfriend call me fat. I experienced trauma, heartache, loss, hurt.

When I got older, it continued. Rejection. Broken Trust. Disappointments. Failure. Grief. Loss. Trauma.

As I’ve worked hard through it all, what I learned was that in those moments of hardships, and hurt, instead of giving ourselves LOVE, our psyche splits, and out comes the mean girl. Out comes the girl who things she’s NOT good enough, not worthy enough, not pretty enough, and it’s my mission to help as many women get back to their true state of origin.

A place of happiness, health and total freedom.

Do you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?

Do you remember who you were before someone told you that you couldn’t?

Do you remember who you were, and do you want to get back to her?

Is it acceptance, letting go, love, nutrition, motivation, movement, happiness, fulfillment?

I’ve got some big ideas, and I want to know how I can best serve and help you figure this out too💗


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