Since when did "GOOD" become a life goal? How about Amazing?

mindset motivation self love weight loss Dec 04, 2019

Let me guess.

“Things are busy”.. “You’re doing your own thing”.. “Now is just not a good time🙄”…. “When things so down”.. “You’re good right now”. “You can’t afford it right now”, “I will start in January🙄”.. Or after “I start eating better first”

But yet, for some reason you wake up tired EVERY day. You’re not getting the results you want by “trying” your “own” thing. You’ve made the same New Years resolution for 14 years in a row.

You can’t put your finger on it, but something is missing, and you feel as if there must be more to life.

You wake up day in, day out, grab your phone, sit there, and spend your time alone in isolation scrolling, always feeling not good enough. You roll your eyes hating on everyone and anything that is doing better than you.

Let me tell you. That’s not the REAL you. C’mon now. You can feel it.

Let me guess. “You’ve tried everything”.. “So and so didn’t help you”…. “It wasn’t important to you anyways”.. So... you quit, restoring back to your old miserable ways. Blaming everyone and everything for why your life sucks.

Let me tell you. That’s not the real you either.

The real you??

She’s full of love. She’s full of peace. She’s full of life. She’s full of truth. She’s full of kindness. She’s full of energy. She’s full of hope. She’s full of health and strength. She’s full of certainty. She’s full of purpose and direction. She’s able to clap for others when they win, even if she feels she’s losing.

She is full… but not full of bullshit and lame excuses that is keeping her weak, unhealthy, miserable and small..

The real you.

She’s STILL in there, and it’s time to start listening to the wise one within that is leading you to a better life.

The FAKE VERSION of you doesn’t feel so good.

The REAL version of you. Makes you FEEL GOOD!

Don’t you want to FEEL GOOD too? Time to get up and change your life beauty, for YOU are RESPONSIBLE for YOU. No one else to blame now.

You deserve better.

If you were once like I once was, there’s hope.

There’s still time. You CAN find your happiness, health, and freedom. You can wake up excited ,and full of REAL LOVE for yourself, but the first step is awareness that you don’t like where you are.

The second step is asking for help, then the third step is talking action, ownership and responsibility for your life.

If you’re sitting behind a phone screen not being true to who you really are.... well, speaking from my own personal experience, your health and happiness will suffer tremendously.

Remember friends. You are what you CHOOSE today. Not what you’ve chosen before.

Be sure to choose wisely.You can click here for my 7 Day Free Mindset Makeover Challenge!!

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