Feb 27, 2020

Your Future identity. Do you SEE it?

Significant TRANSFORMATION into your best self can only be achieved by seeing it, and making changes in your present life.

You’ve gotta SEE it. You’ve gotta feel it.

💫When I was morbidly obese, I would see myself being healthy. I’d visualize the kind of clothes I’d wear. I saw it. I claimed it.

💫When I was going to a job with a 2 hour commute, I saw a better life. I felt it. I dreamed about it. Every day.

💫When my marriage ended, I saw my future husband. The kind of father he’d be. I felt the love. I had the vision.

💫When I kept having miscarriages, I saw those future babies in my arms.

💫Buying a new home as a single mom. I drove around in the neighbourhood with my baby in the back.. I pictured myself there. I saw it. I felt it. (Today I have TWO ✌️ homes in that neighbourhood).

💫Building a business, and earning enough to bring my shift working husband home….. I saw that too in my vision. I felt it. I KNEW it would happen.

💫Speaking on stage to 25,000 in the Bridgestone Arena. I saw it. I did it.

💫DARK season of life, I saw myself healthy, and using that wisdom I would learn for a greater good.

My dreams.. 💗💫They keep getting bigger. I see my book on shelves in the airport. I see millions of students. I see those vacations....I see that home in Hawaii I’m working towards. Oh... I’ve got BIG dreams, for I wasn’t out here to settle and just go to work, pay bills and die..... and YES. I’ve got high standards and a tremendous work ethic.

I ain’t ever afraid to WORK for a better life, for I know the alternative.

IF you’ve got a BIG goal. A big dream, you have to see yourself accomplishing it FIRST.
Nothing is ever out of reach.

You only THINK it is. You can think your way to misery and brokenness… or you can think yourself to health, wealth, happiness, and a future that makes you so excited to embrace the day.

But you can’t just THINK It and dream it.. You’re going to have to back that up with ACTION. Work!!

You need to learn new skills. You need to TRY, knowing you’re doing the hard work for a shot at a BETTER life.

Those dreams? They were GIFTED 💝 to you. They are seeds planted that are just waiting to grow, and those whispers are your TRUTH.

It’s time you start believing in a better future!

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