Shine Light Onto Your Darkness

mindset self love spirituality Oct 31, 2019

Sweat 💦 and cried 😭 me a good one today. Nearly 9 years of guilt, regret, shame was released. I feel weightless💗

September 9, 2011, I got a call to get to the hospital. You should get here. I wasn’t given the specifics, but I was just told to go. I tried to call someone to take my son. The phone was busy. I kept calling. I then drove to ask in person. “We need to go to the hospital”.

On our way I had this thought in my head. Perhaps we should stop and get a coffee first. We almost stopped, but something within me said.. NO.. we need to just get there.

We drove around for parking for too long. I walked into that hospital, and I felt a dark cloud. I knew I didn’t make it in time. I knew I has missed my chance to ever say goodbye. 11 minutes too late that day.

I never forgave myself for wanting to stop for coffee that morning. I never forgave myself for being late. Selfish I thought. I never forgave myself until this morning. I chose to shine LIGHT onto my DARKNESS so I could feel it and be free. Its HARD WORK, then I pressed play for 30 minutes to move my body.

IF you don’t shine light onto your darkness, how will you ever heal? You’ve gotta stop brushing things under the rug. You gotta stop playing small. You gotta stop looking outside and turn WITHIN to find the answers you seek for why you’re STILL in the darkness.

Healing yourself from the inside out is the hardest part of the whole health journey. You can be 123 pounds on the scale, but if you don’t ever heal what’s broken within you’re always going to be unhealthy AF.

Today and every day I choose RISE early. Before anyone else is awake to work on myself. I refuse to say I’m too busy, I’m too tired, or I can’t.

I choose to RISE and LIVE my life. I choose to heal all the broken bits within, and I choose to be the LIGHT for others, and help them, for there are far too many people left in the dark.

When you figure out how to change your life, you can’t help but SHINE BRIGHT.

Perhaps you don’t need to lose weight, you just need to lose the baggage you’re choosing to hang on to. Perhaps you need to find forgiveness, to let things go, and the weight you’re carrying with you will melt away.


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