Safety & Security VS Fulfilment

entrepreneurship mindset motivation Sep 27, 2019

Opportunity Alert 💗

Last night I hosted a leadership call with my team and told them WHY I started my business 4.5 years ago. I shared my vision. My mission. I want players only on my team who are in alignment with my vision and purpose to change lives.

I told them how years ago, how I felt alone, isolated, and that I simply wanted to create a community of support, so that other women didn’t feel so alone or were suffering in silence.

I wanted to help them get their spark back, empower and equip them with the tools to change their health. I wanted to share my mess, and turn them into messages of HOPE and Inspiration for others who might need to hear my words.

The day I was fired from my job and handed that free parking ticket, I had a choice. Go back to a place of security, or take a chance on FULFILMENT.

I felt like the biggest failure. Maybe I did speak my mind. Maybe I did stand up for what was right, and maybe I should have just done the job that “wasn’t mine to do” and kept quiet.

I didn’t keep quiet though. I had enough of being treated like a number. I had enough of more work for the same capped salary, with no recognition. I had enough. So for ONCE in my life I was brave enough to FINALLY speak up.

I was fired. But hey.. that’s what you get when you put your fate in the hands of someone paying your bills right?

Keep quiet. Conform. Do your job. “Other duties as assigned”.

That day on March 26th, 2015, I told my husband that I wasn’t going back. I reached out to a virtual coach and asked for guidance. I listened, and took the leap, jumping and NOT knowing.

I didn’t care what others would think of me helping women. I cared about making a difference. I cared about my heart space. I cared about a bigger PURPOSE and MISSION than to just push papers, and wait for the weekend.

Taking the leap towards a life of FULFILMENT and HAPPINESS rather than SECURITY, a of pay cheque rolling in every 2 weeks, and a teeth cleaning every 9 months.

I jumped. I never returned to the corporate world, and 2 years after that my husband packed in his job at the factory.

Yes we made great money. Yes we had benefits, and the nice home and car, but for what?

Sacrifice of our health and happiness? 😢

We often SACRIFICE the life we want LONG TERM, for the short term of SAFETY. We stay. We settle. We keep quiet. We do our job. We people please. We blend in.

I didn’t want that life, and nor did I want that life for other women, so I jumped.

I’m not say to quit your job and tell your boss to stick it today, you have to be responsible, but you DO have time to work towards the life you want. You do have people who will gladly help you figure it out.

💗We are expanding our team and looking for BUSY people to join our coaching team. Our company is lauding to Paris France 🇫🇷 in 2020, so I am looking for women who want to make a bigger impact, a bigger difference, want to help others, who want to get healthier and happier and have fun doing so all while working virtually.

Women who have a story to share, are willing to work hard, and are grounded in heart, excellence, integrity, and simply put, are just a good freaking humans looking for more time, fulfilment and joy in their life.

👉👉Mentorship and Training starts October 7th.

You will be given all the tools, training, and support. Now all you gotta do is leap, not knowing if the net will appear.

But deep within, if you have that WHISPER for more that’s not going away. Listen up friend. It’s not going away until you go after EVERYTHING you told yourself you couldn’t have.

You can be anywhere in Canada, US, or UK to join. Link to apply 👇👇 or reach out to chat to me.

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