Rising Happy

anxiety and depression meditation miracle morning yoga and meditation Oct 10, 2022

While it's great to want to wake up happy...

That could be difficult.

If you don't really know me, you wouldn't know that my "default setting" is actually a miserable f*cking bi*ch.

I am not a morning person, and quite honestly when I wake up in the morning, I don't even like being around myself - lol

That's right.

I actually have to work very hard at being positive, energized, joyful, patient, kind, soft spoken, healthy, and happy, and let me tell you...

There are days where I fail miserably, and fall to my knees as a Mom of 3, cry, ask God for strength and just allow myself to lay there and release it all.

Then I can hear the whispers from my Momma Bird on the other side saying...

"Okay baby bird. Pick yourself back up, dust yourself off, and get your sh*t together".

.. And that's EXACTLY what we do. We keep going.

If no one told you lately you, most people aren't as "happy" and as "perfect" as you think, or as they appear on social media.

Most people are lying and living fake inauthentic lives.

So if you're not careful you can start to believe the lies you are telling yourself like you're not good enough.

Or worse, you can begin to think that something is wrong with you.

Deep down everyone wants to do good, be good, and be happy. Everyone wants to reach their highest potential in life.

Deep down everyone has this inner genius and a sleeping giant of greatness that needs to be woken up.

Getting there on the other hand is a challenge, but you must know that YOU are an unlimited source of love, creativity, joy, and abundance, and you MUST tap into it daily.

So what do I do every day?

✨Well, I always set an intention before going to bed.

✨Then I set my alarm to get up early(4:00am/5:00am) so I can have some peace and silence without the kids... or my husband. (Hallelujah!!)

✨Then I sit with myself.

✨I meditate.

✨I pray, I think about what I am grateful for.

✨I write in my journal.

✨I make my favourite morning drink.

✨I take my supplements.

✨I will read a page from one of my books for inspiration, or read the bible.

✨I will stretch, move my body, or exercise.

✨Then I will get ready for the day.

✨Then my kids will be up.

✨And then I am set for the day, only this time more grounded and connected to love.

✨Then I do what I love, which is write, create, speak, and help other people break free and change their lives.

This is a non stop journey of rising to claim your glory, and step into your own personal power.

So in honour of October 1st, I wanted to let you know that RIGHT NOW is the time to get started so you can finish the year STRONG.

I've put together some free resources to help you out.

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What you'll get instant access to:

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✨A Year in Review - So you can refelct about this past year, and get ready for 2023!

✨A Mindset Makeover Ebook - How you can let go of the past and start getting excited about what's to come

✨Health Affirmations

So do yourself at biggest favour.

Get a head start on January 1st, and start working on yourself right now.

Click below to grab your treats for free.


No tricks needed.

Just a willing and a deep down desire to do good, be good, and do better.

CLICK BELOW and happy levelling up/rising from the dead this month!



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