Pick YOU First

mindset motivation self love Jan 16, 2020

You don’t wait to be picked. You pick yourself. That’s what you need to know. TODAY. Write that down. Save it. Share it with all your besties 👯‍♀️

Growing up morbidly obese I was always picked last. Pick last for the teams. Last for the prom. I always tried to stay under the radar. Didn’t want to stand out, for fear of being judged for my weight, or how I looked.

I didn’t want to be SEEN… but yet underneath… I was also so very tired of NOT being SEEN. I was tired of being invisible. Tired of never being validated or approved by others.

I over compensated by being too nice, people pleasing, and doing whatever I could to make others happy or comfortable. Perfectionism at work. Going above and beyond. Caring so much about the opinions of others. Saying YES when I really wanted to say NO.

But you see that was where I failed miserably.

I was taken advantage of, and when I wasn’t recognized or picked or promoted, I instantly fell back into that same trap of allowing myself to not feel GOOD ENOUGH.

Can you relate? 🤔

It kept happening. I kept WANTING success. Wanting to be picked. Wanted to be promoted, but yet this damaged inner child within was always self sabotaging herself.

When I wasn’t picked. When I didn’t get validated. When I didn’t get recognized, or promoted or celebrated, my heart space hardened 💔, and instantly I resorted back to my old worn out ways of misery. Giving my personal power away.

The negativity set it. Hate. Bitterness. Judgement of others. That’s what you do when you don’t feel good enough yourself. You hate. You criticize. You gossip. You stay stuck.

Until one fine day I realized that I was the problem.

That it was ME that needed to change. That it was ME that needed to PICK ME FIRST. That it was ME that needed to do the work to feel good enough, smart enough, worthy enough… and let me tell you.

THAT work is SO much freaking harder than choosing healthy food, and a little 30 minute workout.

THAT WORK is a constant state of awareness. A constant state of consciousness. I constant state of pep talks, and personal development, so that I don’t keep going back to the old patterns of self destruction.

If no one has told you they are proud of you. If no one has picked you for a promotion. If no one has invited you to join them. If no one as given you a raise or told you that you’re beautiful and worthy.

My question to you is why don’t YOU go DO that for yourself?

What are you waiting for??

Why don’t you pick yourself and do the inner work required to heal. Whether that be courses, coaches, doctors, therapy, fitness, conferences, nutrition, mirror work.

The work is worth it.

SHOW UP and make yourself proud. Day in, day out, you keep going.

Why? Because you're worth it. Best you start believing it and get to work on becoming the person you want to be.

Trust me. It’s easier to do the work, than it is to sit there and wish and hope for a better life.

No sis. You get your ass up and MAKE a better life. That’s how winning is done.

Have the most beautiful day.

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