Paul Vs. Sam

mindset motivation success Jan 13, 2019

Today after yoga on my hotel towel, thought about my 2 uber drivers yesterday. KEEP READING.

PAUL. 🙏❤️A refugee from Congo Africa. His family still in Refugee Camps back “home”. Broke. Living a life in Africa that he needed to escape from. He is young. Maybe my age, but he came here 🇨🇦 and made a life for himself. He came only with 2 pairs of pants. 1 shirt. No money in his pocket. He has a shot got wound in his leg. No license. No car. No home and was living on the streets his first night. No family. No English. Nothing but the hope and a vision of a better life.

He actually met a business man who gave him $1000, and told him to use it wisely. Stay away from drugs. Stay away from alcohol and get yourself a place to stay. An angel you could say.

Paul works for minimum wage and refuses tips. He taught himself how to speak English watching YOUTUBE videos’. He saves ALL his money, and sends it back home for his family. I was late for dinner because I wanted to know more about his story.

When he DOES go out though, he goes to the nicest restaurants, and surrounds himself with as many positive people he knows. He’s been to the restaurant he dropped me off at. He smelled nice. He was driving a beautiful car. He was dressed nice. He was so happy. So positive. This is is second job. He works for UBER part time, when he can but has another full time job.

I asked him where he wants to be in 5 years. He said, I want to marry a GOOD woman, start a family, and teach them that they can DO anything they want, and buy a home.❤️❤️

Now meet SAM. He picked me up from the Restaurant. “I can’t afford to go in there”… “High Class”.. “Can’t Afford it.. and have NEVER been in there”. Some days I HATE this job. I don’t like it. Doesn’t work full-time.

He has a family. He has a home. He has clothes in his closet that he told me he buys, and never wears. Tags still on them. BUT.. is BROKE…. He gets mad at other UBER drivers because he NEEDS the money, and it bothers him when others drivers have someone in their car. When he goes to the mall and sees a $65 shirt, and only has $10 in his pocket, it bothers him that he can’t “afford it”.

I simply asked him 👉👉WHY he felt that he needed MORE when he was wearing a shirt already? I told him Pauls story and said maybe you shouldn’t be JEALOUS of your “competition” because maybe your “competition” works super hard, and needs it more than you.

I left his car and told him he should read this book: 👉👉 Change your Thoughts. Change your life 😘

2 VERY different men. 2 VERY different results.

You don’t need me to give you the moral of the story here Do you??

If you WANT a better life, go out there and MAKE a better life. You also get what you THINK ABOUT all day long. Paul dreams. He lives into the FUTURE. I wanted to stay in his car and chat. Sam.. Well he complains, competes, and never feels as if he has enough. I couldn’t WAIT to get the hell out of his car 😂

Guess who gets the tip? The ABUNDANCE? The success? The happiness? The life he DREAMS of?

The driver hard who works hard, is positive and expects NO tips in return 😘😘

If you have to be someone. Be a Paul. Mmmmkay? Cool.

Have the best day!


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