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anxiety and depression body confidence childhood obesity confidence covid-19 getting healthy mommy makeover spiritual awakening spiritual health Sep 25, 2021
My mom was diagnosed with cancer and passed away during the pandemic.
She called herself a Covid Miracle because she was.
One day the palliative team came to my house to meet with us.
Both the Registered Nurse and the Doctor were obese. The Nurse was clinically morbidly obese with visibly a 100+ pounds to lose.
The conversation revolved around drugs, pain tolerance, inhalers and then I asked what they suggested about my Mom's nutrition and proper supplementation.
The Doctor gave me some lengthy response and suggested a Flintstone Vitamin.
You know the ones with the first ingredient being sugar, and the ones with artificial ingredients like FD&C Yellow 5 that is linked to causing cancer? Yes, that one.
Then she talked about Marijuana and what store to go to. You know the legal drug that after hundreds of thousands of brain scans confirms regular drug use damages your brain and visibly makes someone look 1000 years older than they really are? Yes, that one.
I lost all respect for the "caregivers" in my home that day, and left the meeting angry.
This was the second time I heard from an authority figure/trained professional about how nutrition didn’t really “matter”…and that drugs were the answer.
What angered me most, was when in the hospital with my Mom the fridges were filled with Boost drinks, (the number #1 ingredient being sugar), fruit juices, cakes, cookies, white bread, and absolute garbage.
When I was sitting with my mom during her treatment, I could visibly see obesity everywhere. Not just in patients but in majority of the healthcare professionals and workers as well.
I did not see support, education, knowledge, conversations, about healthy solutions or anyone speaking the truth.
It was like they were only doing their job, worried about numbers, clocks, drugs, statistics, charts, and getting on with the next patient in line.
Here’s what you’re NOT hearing about.
🚨SARS-CoV-2 is partly an enteric infection which is caused by organisms, viruses, bacteria in the GUT. This likely explains higher than normal rates of illness since majority of the population is obese, drugged up, and suffering with mental health problems like anxiety and depression.
This likely explains WHY even with the majority of people “fully vaccinated”, numbers are NOT going down, but rather increasing.
The cure for COVID-19 is not going to be sticking more drugs into arms and continuing eating crap food, watching the news, wearing masks, and being lazy.
No, that’s what is keeping people sick and mentally unwell…
Just imagine if more people spoke the truth and we’re healthy, healed, whole, empowered, strong, fit, educated, energized and full of life.
They wouldn’t tolerate less...
They wouldn’t believe or take advice from a visibly morbidly obese politician dressed in a suit, who is clearly running himself into the ground for a measly $200,000/year, telling you what to do, as he reads his scripts from a teleprompter and changes his mind every other week.
They wouldn’t allow some employer just following the “policies and “procedures”…or a doctor telling them what to do with their own body, and what to put in it.
There wouldn't be any need for it, because they'd be healthy and would not settling for less than average.
Sadly, these days most people are just told what to do and they do it without a second thought. They are too scared and insecure to question authority, stand up for themselves, and sadly they just don’t know.
Obesity kills.
Hate, rejection, separation, disconnection, self-doubt, insecurity, not honouring your body, making poor decisions, and choosing to be unhealthy causes mental health problems.
Prioritizing money over people’s health and own free will, and personal freedom is wrong and not okay.
Wake up, open your eyes, and take a good honest look at yourself in the mirror.
Are you a contaminated source that will continue to spread to generations to come?
Are you part of the solution that will continue to live on, and change the lives of millions for years to come?
The solution is here👇
100% guaranteed.
Just like obesity, addiction, insecurity, hate, fear, negativity, and anxiety, and mental health problems spread…
So does truth, health, love, confidence, strength, fulfillment, purpose, energy, power, and joy.
That all happens from the inside out.
I trust and believe in you. But do you trust and believe in me yet?
If you don’t, then that’s even more reason to sign up today, and get to work on healing, trusting and believing in yourself first.
There is such goodness in the world. Open yourself up enough to receive it.
See you inside✨

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