Not a Morning Person? Nah.. Me either!

mental health motherhood Aug 26, 2019

I didn’t set an alarm this morning. It’s not often that I do that. I wasn’t always a morning person, in fact I’m still not.

I love starting my day with strength, motivation, movement and power. This morning I didn’t.

As I slept in, I heard the girls, and instantly was annoyed. Why are they being so loud? Can’t Dennis tell them to be quit? Annoyed. .
Then I did something I try not to ever do. I teach my team the same. I opened up Instagram, and was instantly in a space of unworthiness and comparison. I recognized it, and shut it down.

I went downstairs and was bombarded with kids, asking me to paint nails, to get drinks. Again. In a space of “cant they just wait 2 seconds”? The frustration was mounting as the bickering started.

Then I spilled a bag of frozen blueberries. I complained to Dennis.

I’m not a morning person, that is WHY I actually get up early to have space and time to myself so I’m not in a state of annoyance, unworthiness, complaining and frustration.

It’s why I’m serious about positive mindset, affirmations, movement, energy, and health

Hate breeds more hate. Love breeds more love, and our energy matters. The way we start our day matters. So some tips.

1️⃣ Can you TRY to be a morning person? Set an alarm, make time, do something just for you before anyone else. Otherwise you’re last on the list. (Need help? My Next group starts September. Link to get healthy with me is in my bio)

2️⃣ If you don’t use social media for business and just like to creep. Recognize your energy and how you’re showing up. Are you giving love or are you giving hate? Love wins every time. Lack, unworthiness, comparison, judging? You LOSE!

3️⃣ Recognize your need to complain. Can you choose gratitude instead? It’s a simple switch.

4️⃣ You are in control. When I dropped the blueberries, I could have chose to lose it... 🤯 or chose to look at the fact that my counter and floor gets an extra wash. Perspective Matters. When you lose it, scream, yell, you give away your personal power. You become weakened simply because you gave over self control.

5️⃣ Self care does matter. I am well aware of the kind of mother and person I want to be. Are my actions and intentions reflecting that and am I doing the work on myself to LIVE into that? If not, then it’s up to ME to change it. Same goes for you too, but please go easy on yourself. This gig is not easy at times. Love, patience, kindness and grace needs to be placed upon yourself too.

You have no idea how much 20-30 minutes to yourself can do for your health, your happiness, and your family too. It’s not that you don’t have time... it’s just you’re choosing not to make time.

2 choices. 2 very different outcomes.


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