No greater tragedy than discontentment

Nov 15, 2019

There is NO greater tragedy than discontentment in ones life. Living peacefully and having a simple life was actually a goal of mine years ago.

I wanted to be a MOM. 💗I wanted a simple life with 11 kids 😂 ... and every morning I rise I walk into my dream minus 8 humans. I made this little dream of mine a reality.

I was never after a body when I started my own business... although it helped me tremendously get into shape and stay in shape. I was after PEACE. Time. Freedom. Life on my own terms. 👉 The simple life 🙏

Now I rise... give thanks, and I get busy building on top of those big dreams, and I need a strong, healthy body to do that. (Lots coming in 2020 friends)!Stay tuned 💗

Dissatisfaction will poison 🐍 ☠️ ones soul. It will eat away at you, make you exhausted, depressed, rob you of your joy, energy, and life. The fixation you have over being dissatisfied with your life, does make you unwell.

I know. I lived it by being obese, by staying in a relationship too long, but going to a job that just paid the bills.

Don’t shoot the messenger, but you’re likely not tired. You’re in fact, dissatisfied, stressed, settling, lacking confidence to believe in yourself, or UNINSPIRED.

So whether you’re unhappy in your current body who houses that life of yours, or you’re unhappy in a relationship, or a career choice... listen to ME.

You’re not going to be happy until you’re satisfied... and yes, you could pretend, you could justify, you could reason and make excuses as to WHY whatever you REALLY want isn’t important to you... you can even QUIT.... but you’ll always have this little pain inside... reminding you.... that your excuses, your justification, and that WEAK voice was reason is WRONG.

You want to be an instrument of peace, and love. You want to be an instrument of health, happiness, and acceptance... and when your insides are happy. Your outside will be too.

So today friends... If you’re NOT happy where you are. Please move. Please DO something.

My best tip. Practice GRATITUDE and operate from a place of total contentment TODAY. 🙏

You’re not going to craft up a better life by hating the one you got now. This is without exception. You can be at peace now. You can be content now... and STILL get up and work towards the life you want.

Why do I get up so early? Why do I choose to rise at 4:15am?

Cause I don’t like to sleep with my dreams anymore. I like to get up and chase them! Or should I say CLAIM them.

I challenge you to do the same 💗 

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