My Baggage ~ Less is More, no matter how you look at it

decluttering mindset organization weight loss motivation May 18, 2019

Non scale Victory! It zipped up!! One Carry on bag ðŸ’—


I sat here thinking about how if I had stayed the same... If I had continued to stay over 200 pounds and continued to eat unhealthy and not learn to take care of myself, there would be NO way in hell all my size 22 clothes would have fit into this small bag.


It really is an AHA moment and as I look back, I’m damn freaking proud that I’ve maintained that weight loss for over 16 years now. .

It’s why I continue to show up to help women, cause y’all diets don’t work and we need to think LIFESTYLE change.


These days I’m all about the LESS is more mentality. Less emotional baggage. Less stuff.  Less stress. MORE life. More happiness. More energy. More passion. More memories.


So what did I pack on this little wee carryon?? Let me tell you!


✅My MUST have travel item. My @conair steamer.  I kind wish they’d make a tiny travel version but I’ve got a thing for wrinkles so I bring this sucker everywhere I go.


✅2 pairs is pants. 1 dress, 1 romper, 2 cardigans, 1 black blazer, 1 dress, 1 bikini, 3 tanks, I pair of jean shorts, 3 workout outfits, 4 bras, underwear, socks, 2 pairs of heel, 1 pair of flats, flip flops, curling wand, makeup, shaker cup with my superfoods 🌱 , pre and post workout supplements, resistance bands and loops for a quick 🏋️‍♀️ workouts in my hotel room, 1 pair of pajamas, and couple packets of oatmeal, my all natural protein bars. 


I’ve pre-ordered some healthy groceries for my 5 days along with some chocolate 🍫 and wine 🍷 to have on hand in the hotel room and to stock my mini fridge ❤️ (Total food expense $62.00🔥🔥💪)


You see friends... There are SO many things that you don’t even think about when it comes to your health and happiness.


WEIGHT... BAGGAGE... No matter how you look at it. LESS is always more.


Bring it on California. I’ve had this trip on my dream board for 3 years now, and I made it happen. The dream. 


The goal... those things are always free, but the hard work to make those things HAPPEN are sold separately remember 😘 But if you REALLY want change bad enough, you’ll make it happen.

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