My #1 Regret...

Uncategorized Jul 20, 2020

Can I share a secret with you?

One of the hardest things I ever had to do in my entire life was to forgive myself and let things (and people) go in my life that were not working.

I was at war with myself for many years, and transcending all of that crap out of my system was what brought true heath back into my life.

It was sitting there in the many dark seasons of life... hours upon hours healing and putting myself back together again.

We all lose our way, and I now know that every time we do, it brings us one step closer to our union with our highest self... Our best self.

The self free of limitations, small stories, self doubt, regret, shame, guilt, and excuses.

Years of playing small, regret, guilt and shame weighed heavily on me. Years of suffering all because I couldn’t let some thing things go. All because I still had work to do.

One of my BIGGEST regrets in life was chasing money, and putting money before love and health.

I stopped showing up to serve, but rather simply went to work to get.

I stopped volunteering, having fun, and said things like “I’m too busy”.

I stopped giving and donating and started saying I didn’t have enough...and guess what happens eventually?

....By the divine grace of God you get a big fucking wake up call sooner or later that says.. “KID....It’s time to change”, and so you do.

💫💗It’s time to start doing things differently. It’s time to step up to serve. It’s time to believe in yourself. It’s time to invest. It’s time to donate. It’s time to be brave. It’s time to cut out the crap. It’s time to let things go. It’s time to slow down. It’s time to forgive. It’s time to move forward. It’s time to start saving 💗💫

For me...

That’s saving lives too. For me that’s sharing my gifts and messages with the world without the good old opinions of others who may sit behind a phone screen and think I’m nuts, and not expecting anything in return. Somehow goodness and abundance flows back in the form of a simple Thank You.

I get the messages from women who have joined me, trusted in me, changed their lives because they found me, and I am brought to tears daily as they thank me. In my heart I thank them, and tell them THEY are the ones doing the REAL work.

I almost blew THIS. I almost lost this, and today I encourage you to look inward and ask yourself what you’re really here to do in this world.

Are you only after #1.... Killing yourself making money, or are you after making a better life for yourself and the world around you, cause last time I checked, you can’t take or with you when you go, and if you’re killing yourself for money in the bank, you’ve got it backwards.

If you’re waking up and you’ve got it all, but feel empty on the inside always need MORE, I’m here to be that light shining BRIGHT AF on your dark spot...

Or heck even your BLIND SPOT. Open your eyes 👀

It won’t EVER be enough, until you 💯% know you’re enough and have weeded our every ounce of lack, unworthiness, and not good enough that you’re still hanging on to.

It’s time to let that go. It’s time to free yourself too.

Keep working hard. I’m cheering for you to win, for we all win that way.

Whether or not you choose to believe me or not, everything starts and stops with you 💗

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