Mind Viruses

mindset self love spirituality Nov 01, 2019

Caught myself a nasty mind virus 🦠 yesterday. Gross actually now that I think about. Noticed it, and took ownership over managing the symptoms immediately before it took over and contaminated the rest of my life.

I found myself saying things like “I can’t afford this right now”....and “I’m busy”, but then I stopped myself.

I purchased the ticket. I committed to going to San Diego and jumped in on something that I’d been thinking about, and wanted to do.

I know that it is going to grow 🌱 me into the person I’m capable of becoming, and the more I surround myself with players at a higher level than me, the more I LEVEL up in my life too.

Told Dennis I’ll be away for a conference... and that was that.

I didn’t need to ask permission. I didn’t need to run it by him first to get is approval. I’m with someone who supports me fully. As reciprocated, and I support him fully if he feels called to do something too.

Years ago that was my excuse. Broke. Can’t afford it. No time. Too busy.

But since I’m in the business of growth and personal development let me shoot you straight sis.

There comes a time in one ADULT life, where you must OUT GROW your immature thinking.

Are your thoughts HELPING you or HINDERING you?

I listened to my mentor today. This quote spoke volumes to me

“I can never be absolutely certain that the financing I need or desire is not on its way.
Thus the belief that “I can’t afford it”, is FALSE and I REFUSE to use let myself use this excuse anymore.”

Helping eliminate the excuses that are keeping you SMALL like, “I can’t afford it” is something I have learned I must do.

If those excuses are part of your life right now, it keeps you aligned with lack, shortage and pain.

So if you don’t like where you are? If you’re broke? Tired? Too busy? I’m going to ask you challenge yourself today to think about what mind viruses you’re continue to allow to contaminate your life.

Your thoughts. Your beliefs. Your life. Your call.

I don’t know, but speaking from experience, there has been absolutely NO benefit to making excuses and making statements of lack in my life.

So what did I do?

I made up my mind to go in the OPPOSITE direction of the path I was going down.

I can afford it. I do have time. I am smart enough, worthy enough, capable enough.

What I need is on it’s way and I’m in a continuous state of contentment rather than LACK, doubt and scarcity.

I don’t know... Maybe you can try it some time too if what you’re doing ain’t working for ya 😘

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