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entrepeneurship mindest self love Dec 24, 2019

Have you ever wanted to make a change in your life but felt stuck?  You’ll want to save this post.. share this post.. and tell all your friends.


The best book I read in 2019, hands down was Millionaire Success Habits from Dean Graziosi.  I can stay that a shift happened, and I’m pumped for 2020.


The thing is we all have the same 24 hours in the day, but the most successful people in the world have a DO NOT do list..  Sure we are all busy. Christmas is coming, but you do have a choice, and as I hear from moms tell me they are soooo busy with no time, I call bullshit.  You’re not busy, you’re just too do much BUSY work, but not anything productive in making your life better.


On my 38th birthday I made a list of all the things I DO NOT have time for.


It goes like this.


Dear Lindsay you are abundantly blessed with time and resources, but you DO NOT have time for the following in your life.


No time for.





Playing Small

Negative Self Talk


Mindless Consumption of crap TV


Settling for Mediocrity


Negative People

Doing shit I hate



Once you remove from your list all the things that DO NOT SERVE you and ask yourself what is wasting TIME costing you in your life, you can change the game.  You can change your life. You can change your future.  You can change the lives of others too.


So I ask you. What is going on your DO NOT DO list going forward?  As my friend Dean says, Remember.. if you stay IN the game, one day it just happens, so will you choose to GET IN THE GAME of LIFE today?


I sure hope so.  Time to hit the shower, be a momma, then go pick up our Christmas dinner, as I didn’t have time to make it, so outsourced it, so I can SPEND TIME with family.


Time IS Money friends. TIME is money. 


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