Mental Health Day - What it really takes to transform your life

anxiety and depression mental health mental health awareness mommy makeover ptsd spiritual awakening spiritual health Oct 10, 2021
October 10th, 2021. Today is World Mental Health Day.
The answer is love, and you are the placebo.
A lot of people ask me, how did I do it.
How did I overcome obesity, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, intrusive thoughts, PTSD, came off all forms of drugs and where did I begin?
I began at the bottom, for you can only go so high built on ego. If your home base (aka your body) is not sturdy and built on a rock solid foundation of love eventually it all comes crashing down.
The bottom is a beautiful to begin again.
It feels as if you are dying.
In a sense you are.
You will be reborn and the old you will be stripped away, and you’ll be like a brand new baby, deciding what to do with her life, and what the next right move forward will be.
If you don’t heal and return back to an authentic space of pure unconditional love for yourself and others, you will keep going around in circles.
For me, on average the vicious cycle took about 5 to 7 years before I ended up at ground zero again.
You’re tired, your legs are sore, your head feels as if it’s going to explode, you hate feeling this way.
You know you can do better, but you’re stuck and despite your best efforts nothing is working.
Nothing is changing, and then you know that you must sit, rest for a while, accept what is, wait for the dust to settle and then your next right move forward will be provided to you.
It’s not easy changing your life.
Hard work is involved, and you must do life differently than you have done in the past.
It’s the only way to get better. It’s the only way you will survive.
It’s the only way you will live ✨
For me, it was my morning routine and meditation practice.
For years and years, I cried alone in the wee hours of the morning, alone in the dark while everyone was asleep.
I cried, and I cried.
I released, I let go, I listened, I heard the answers.
I cried and I cried and then one day those tears were no longer tears of pain, heartache, stress, regret, guilt, shame, anger, rage, sorrow, grief, loss, disappointment, lack, rejection, hate, darkness, greed, jealousy, envy, insecurity, comparison, and unworthiness.
They were tears of joy, peace, hope, health, confidence, worthiness, abundance, trust, belief, acceptance, wholeness, purpose, vision for what’s to come, light, love, God.
That is my greatest wish for everyone.
To return back home to where you started.
A space of pure unconditional love.
These days I give it all to God.
I let go, I ask for guidance, I align with a source so much bigger than myself and I keep going.
When I screw up, I shower myself with more love, forgiveness and grace and I keep moving forward.
This work never ends.
It’s a lifelong commitment you make to yourself, with yourself, by yourself, alone with yourself.
Transformation is a beautiful journey, but it is also hard, messy, ruthless at times, down right cruel, ugly and scary.
But, it’s when you’ve got nothing left and you find yourself at the bottom where you find out WHO and what you are truly made of✨
So pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep going.
What I know for sure is that the best yet to come, and the best things in life cannot be seen, but rather they are felt and known on the inside, so that means you must know, trust, and believe in something you’ve already got.
That’s faith, and at the end of the day that’s all you need, for you have, and already are more than enough.
A lot of people say they will believe it when they see it. Be the person who believes it first, and then you will see it.
Walk by faith, and not by sight and do not let anyone ever stand in your way of becoming the person you know deep down you are meant to be.
Get up and fight for yourself. No one can do this work for you.
Know that I am cheering you on to win, and I will see you at the top, because let’s face it…
The bottom is overcrowded and never felt too good, but know that in order to go higher you must let some things go.
Maybe that can be your past.
Maybe that can be your future.
Maybe just for today you can breathe and rest easy in the present moment.
That is where your help comes from.
That is where your peace of mind comes from.
That is where the truth comes from.
That is where true personal freedom comes from.
That is where you will find yourself, if you’ve lost yourself.
That kind of inner bliss is worth getting up and fighting for ✨

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