Mental Health Awareness Day

mental health stress Oct 12, 2019

I took 2 stress leaves when I worked in the corporate world.

I was stuck many times. Now it’s my mission to help women change their lives, and become UNSTUCK.

One leave after I became a single mom, and spent my entire maternity leave in free legal aid clinics, moving homes, and counselling appointments.

The other stress leave was when my sons father passed away from cancer and I was left to handle the estate. I don’t know if you know this, but when someone dies without a life insurance policy, magic funds just don’t fall from the sky.

Child support payments stopped. Tomb stone went on my credit card. I was paying for 2 homes and all the bills. Oh.. and I was served court papers, all at the same time.

I needed help from the government just to pay for daycare while I worked, barely scraping by.

I could have kept going to work. But I needed time.

Sleeping medication, anti depressants. Those too.

When I went back to work, I felt judged.

Maybe it was all in my head, but I had the same feeling you get when you call in sick on a Friday and people think you’re milking it. 😉

The reason I started my wellness journey 5 years ago was to fix the inside. It because a way to heal.

I had found a new job that didn’t take up an extra 2 hours of my day commuting. I started my business the day I was fired.

Just the icing on the cake. Knocked down yet again, which propelled me into my passion today of NOT settling in life.

Vision. Hard work. Mindset. Focus. Action Taker.

Lately… My body and my mind has been telling me to slow down. I’ve been busy. It’s not my goal to be a hot mess, stressed out mom. Been there. Done that. It ain’t sexy on anyone.

I need to rest. I need recovery time. I haven’t been listening. Just continuing to push. It’s stupid. It’s dumb. I know it.

The past 90 days, I’ve been hustling BIG TIME on top of striving to be an amazing mom and wife.

Building a website from scratch by myself (check it out at

Creating 4 Brand New Online Challenges, writing and finally launched a new ebook, video interviews, 2 new fitness programs launched, coaching calls and the list goes on.

My brain doesn’t stop.

I wake up excited to write, and build my dreams and help people.

But here’s the thing. When you’re doing what you LOVE, it’s NOT called a mental health day.

It’s not called a “stress leave”. It’s called RECOVERY. It’s called RESTING. Big HUGE difference.

So, for the next few day.. still undecided on how long...I’m taking my own wellness advice. Something I don’t do very well.

Canceling appointments, eating all the cookies 🍪 , watching all the movies, being selfish, not responding to messages, spending more time with my loves, reading books, sleeping in, writing, still doing my daily workouts, still eating healthy, still drinking my superfoods, and PRIORITIZING MY RECOVERY.

The world needs me on my A game. Not on my C game.

If it’s my goal to build a world class wellness and personal development company, with a team of healthy strong leaders, we are doing it the RIGHT WAY. The healthy way, and I’ve gotta lead by example.

Learning to rest. So you can run.

There is no such thing as quitting on your goals and self destruction. It’s called learning new skills. It’s called LISTENING to yourself, and doing what’s hard. For me... that’s slowing down.

Same goes with you. The world NEEDS you on your A game too.

Prioritize your health, your recovery and mental health friends.

You either pay now, or pay later. Make time now, or make time for poor health later.

It all eventually catches up.

Will you do me a favour and listen to yourself too? You know what you gotta do. Chances are you’re just not listening 💗

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