Mediocrity - RISE STRONG

mindset motivation Feb 07, 2019

The face of mediocrity. I hope you one day KNOW what it feels like to be a girl that changed her mind, then changed her world.

💗The day I got my vacation picture back, and started my journey to overcome obesity.

💗The day a bully called me fat... and no neck..

💗The day I lost a baby, had a D&C, then went to work on Monday and said “My weekend was great”.

💗They day my home was broken into, and all my most prized sentimental things were stolen.

💗The day my ex wracked up almost 50K in credit card debt on drugs and gambling and I refinanced my home to cover it up.

💗The day I pretended we were “fine”.. and “good”

💗The day, he did it again.

💗The day I punched a hole in the wall.

💗The day I sobbed in my kitchen, not knowing if I could handle any more.

💗The day I left my home.. and everything in it, and started back at ground zero.

💗The day I applied for government assistance.

💗The day I left my doctors office with sleeping pills and anti depressants and took 2 stress leaves

💗The day I was called a crazy bitch and was told to pop another pill

💗The day he died of Cancer at the age of 35, and I was 11 minutes too late arriving to the hospital.

💗The day as a single mother, I had to put my best friends tomb stone on a credit card, while paying for 2 homes, and all child support seized.

💗The day I got served court papers, and had to pay out of pocket legal expenses, while the others had “free legal aid”… then on the very last day of court they decided not to show up.

💗The day I told my boss I wasn’t going to do his job. I didn’t want MORE work for the same pay. That day I got fired from my job.

💗The day I said FUCK IT ALL, and came back SWINGING and built a 6 figure business in less than 2 years.

💗The day I took MY power back.

💗The day I made my first $28,000 in one week.

💗The day I retired my husband.

💗The day I decided that I’m in fact capable of ACHIEVING anything I want for myself.

You see friends…. What does HEALTH and HAPPINESS mean to you?

What it means to me, is not just exercising and eating well. It’s means RISING THE FUCK up and living your life STRONG. It means letting go of the past. It means finding forgiveness. It means loving. It means living BRAVE. It means having courage. It means WORKING HARD to create the kind of life you REALLY LOVE.

These days I’ve got a BIG ENEMY, and I’m going NOSE to NOSE with it.👉People CHOOSING a life of mediocrity when they are capable of SO much more.

If YOU are living a life of MEDIOCRITY… Existence…POOR HEALTH….. Congrats .

You’re choosing that path.

You want to change your life? You want to live happy?

DO. THE. WORK.... or don’t and end up living a SAD, depressed, miserable life. But if you choose NOT to do the work, stop 🛑 complaining and just be happy.

Only ONE thing ever changed my life, and that was DECIDING I was no longer willing to settle for ANYTHING less than EVERYTHING I told myself I couldn’t have.

PS... To all those haters and gossipers watching. Keep watching. I’m just getting warmed up... or heck..... Reach out.... Maybe I could help you LIVE your best life too!

Success generally leaves clues 😘

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