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You are powerful, you are amazing, and you are so worthy and capable of success!


We all know those people who "talk the talk" but when it comes down to "walking the walk", and doing what they said they were going to do, they are nowhere to be found.


And oddly enough, those kinds of people do a beautiful job of telling YOU how you should be living your life.


You know who I’m talking about...


The employee who has been in an organization or a dead end job for way too long and is waiting to retire.  She is the one who always complains about the hours, the pay, the government, the commute, and constantly gossips about her boss and coworkers behind their backs.


The relative or friend who is super nice to everyone’s face, then talks about everyone behind their back once they are out of the room.  Often starting each conversation with “don’t tell anyone I told you this but...”


Or the busy mom who says she’s going to start taking better care of herself and then makes excuses, keeps hitting snooze, and constantly complains about how overweight and tired she is…


And yes...


The mom who loses sleep at night worried about her kids.  She lays awake at night stressed constantly over how she is ever going to afford to be able to send her kids off to school.   She has told herself for years now, she’s going to start "saving" but then goes out, buys wine on Friday, and pretty flowers for her kitchen table, and is constantly looking at bigger homes to buy.


Those are same people who have likely stayed at the same job, lived in the same town, kept the same habits, went to the same school, took the same drive to work, wear the same boring black shoes, went to the same grocery store, took the same vacations, kept the same friends and never did anything different with their lives when they had just as much EQUAL opportunity to do so, and simply chose not to.


Those will be the exact same people who will be miserable and will laugh at your dreams.


They will usually be broke, tired, uninspired, lazy, stressed, burnt out, over weight, out of shape, limited in thinking, depressed, medicated, shopping at discount stores, and exhausting to be around, and yes...


They will do everything in their power to suck the life from you and squash your dreams because YOU decided to be different and couldn’t stand the thought of staying the same, or better yet, couldn't fathom the same kind of future for your children.


Those same people will sit around a table, talk about the past, and talk about how “important” they are.  


Meanwhile they aren’t even winning at life.


A) Don’t be that person!

B) Never hang around those kinds of people and social distance yourself from them as much as possible!


The goal is different!

The goal is change.

The goal is transformation.


The whole point to life is growth and to become the highest expression of yourself.


If you’re not growing and getting better in life, you’re dead!!


I know you know this if you are in my community, or are a student of mine, and while you might have actually been like the people I mentioned above....


You’re different now, and people don’t like that!


You have been through hell and back, are no longer willing to take shit, are finally confident to speak your truth, are standing in your own power and are never ever going backwards in life.


It’s funny...


Most people want you to remain the same person you’ve been your whole life, and will try to shove you in a box you've outgrown.


And yet most people don't know a single thing about you.


They don't know where are you been, what you’ve gone through, what's going on in your mind, or how hard you actually fought to stay alive.


Please don’t be like "most people" okay?


Most people are not doing anything with their lives simply because they are so disconnected from themselves, and sadly the world around them too.


That’s WHY you must continue to grow and be around those people who actually want you to win, and are on the same path of excellence as you!


Most people are jealous, envious, and negative simply because they aren’t growing in life so take no offence and be kind to everyone you meet, for we all have the exact same greatness from within, only in different form.


It’s just that some of people have unlocked it, believe it, and are working super hard to make their goals and dreams come true…


And sadly some aren’t.


They might never understand or "get you" and that’s okay.


Sadly if they don’t decide to change, they will continue to wake up day after day, having short term "happiness", but ultimately living a very long, sad, miserable life of existence, and that’s their own problem to carry, not yours.


Whatever you do, don’t ever let anyone bring you down!

Keep shining. Keep doing amazing things in this world.

You’ve worked hard to get where you are in life, and have earned the right to be authentically happy, healthy and free, and no one can take that away from you….


Unless of course you let them!


Have the most beautiful day!




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