💗 Love you First

May 06, 2019

She loves this Llama dress. But hopefully not more than she loves herself💗

My greatest challenge in life as been the relationship I have with myself. These days I’m super selfish, as I’m top priority, and I have ZERO shame admitting it, I’m much better it💗

Loving the woman I am. Flaws, failures and all. It’s not your job to love me, or even like me. It’s mine, and truthfully a woman who fully loves herself, doesn’t actually judge or hate others, for she knows deep within the truth.

I’m blessed that my “work”, is to be the best I can be. To elevate myself. To grow. To learn. To be healthy, happy and fulfilled.

The truth is I didn’t love myself for many years. I didn’t accept myself. I put my happiness in others pockets.

From the way I’d pick clothes when I was younger so others would like me.

The way I so desperately wanted men to love me, that I’d allow myself to settle and stay even when they treated me poorly.

To the way I NEEDED a man to pay my bills. To ultimately losing it all as I couldn’t support myself.

To the way I allowed society and my “managers” to dictate my worth and value.

To the way I thought that more money 💵 , a better job title would make me more important and bring me happiness. (Aka EGO)

To the way I stayed unhealthy, and unhappy because I was stuck in the past, and suffering from my own doing.

To the fact that I didn’t trust. Didn’t believe. Didn’t try. Didn’t speak up. Didn’t feel I had VALUE to offer and cared about the opinions of others.

I truly don’t know where my life would be had I not found someone on social media that gave me the tools to get me started on my own path the wellness.

For that ONE post. That ONE decision to say yes shifted everything for me.

It’s my #1 job to work on myself. To love myself. To teach. To inspire. To move forward. To grow. To unlearn. To become better 💗

Maybe your goal shouldn’t “skinny”... and a bikini.

Maybe your job needs to be LOVING yourself FIRST. Everything else will fall into place.

Some free self love resources are down below.

You’ll want to start NOW. Not after “things slow down”. Busy with kids? Even MORE reason to love yourself 💗 For they are watching you.

Find Your Joy Again!

If you spend time on social media, you may have found yourself comparing your own life to your friends, family, total strangers, and celebrities. 

You might find yourself feeling less than, struggling with feelings of unworthiness and your confidence, and health can be in the gutter.  

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