Love is the Answer

anxiety judgement judgment detox love mental health negative self talk post partum depression postpartum single parenting Feb 05, 2018

Slow down mama.... Easier said than done some days..

I remember when I was a single mom..

Seeing those types of posts made me feel like a big sac of crap.

Then came the ones where if you had a clean insinuated you spent less time with your kids... or a messy house meant you were lazy...and should be doing more.

Or how breast was “best”, and so on... and so forth. The homemade baby food...the swimming classes...and finger painting...the baby wearing...the co-sleeping...the fancy birthday parities.... or working moms vs. Stay at home moms...

One could go mental and feel so unworthy trying to keep up.

What I have learned over the years is this:

Trying to compare our lives to everyone’s highlights is exhausting. The judgments, the criticism, the high demands and expectations and motherhood is tough, and parenting is hard.

As I sat here with Elliott this morning, my eyes flooded with tears, and my heart hurt with LOVE.... There is absolutely NO question about the LOVE a mother has for her child.

I love a clean house, I wear clothes and not my baby, I stopped nursing, I don’t enjoy playgroups, and my bed is kept for my husband and I... and I am 💯 % confident that WE are doing just fine... I am 💯 % confident I’m not a shitty mom if I choose to leave the finger painting up to the beautiful daycare ladies.... because heck, I have ZERO desire to be a stay at home mother forever, and I have zero shame about that.

At the end of this lifetime all of the above will NOT matter. There is no special place in heaven 🌈☁️for those with a clean or messy house... there is no special spot on an application for breast fed or bottle fed, and if you don’t enjoy finger painting or wearing your baby around town it doesn’t make you a bad mother, but JUDGING others for what they choose to do, or NOT do will make you a shitty💩💩 human.. and NO abundance, love, or good can come into your life when you’re operating in such a NEGATIVE space.

Love is the answer. It’s the one and only thing that truly matters.

Mamas, I hope you give yourself a break today. I hope you find some time to sit and focus on the things that REALLY matter. I hope you give yourself permission to just do what works for you.

I hope you can FREE yourself from the judgements, the comparison, the negative banter.

Even if you can’t slow down, try to find 1 minute, to look around, and look WITHIN to really soak it in.

LOVE. It’s a beautiful thing, and when you fill your heart and mind with that... the rest really doesn’t mater.

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