Knowing when it's time to quit (aka LEAP)

entrepreneurship healthy lifestyle change life transformation work life balance Jul 18, 2022

On Friday I spent the day at a beautiful spa.


After my treatments I went into my locker and there was a text from my husband asking me how many treatments I was having... lol 


Needless to say I'm a huge fan of self care, time alone, not asking for permission, taking rest days whenever necessary, disconnecting, 90 minute deep tissue massages 1-2 times a week, and investing in great quality spa treatments.


(But it wasn't always like this)


In fact, years ago I would have been waiting until 2:00pm to check the job postings for some other dead end job, and then dying to get out of my office at 4:30 to rush home to pick up my kids from daycare.


My husband would have been working nights, (or afternoons) and we surely would have been fighting over how I was doing everything alone.


But on this particular Friday he asked when I was wrapping up at the spa because our girls wanted us both to show up early to their gymnastics camp to watch them.


That luxury sank right into my heart because had I never listened to my gut and trusted it, we would have still been working in jobs, and still would have been in massive debt with absolutely no time.


What you might not know about me is that while I did have a great corporate job at one point in time...


I also had a huge network marketing business that stole even more time away from my family.


I thought a work from home business would give me more time, but in fact it ran me right into a nervous breakdown.


I was always "on."

Always on my phone.

Always on a call.

Always recruiting.

Always selling.

Always responding.

Always looking for a cheaper option.

Always on social media.

Always plugged in.

Always on trips.

Always on stage.

Always striving.

Always distracted.

Always annoyed.

Always competing.

Always in debt.

Always stressed.

Always rushed.

Always jealous.

Always late.

Always tired.

Always hated.

Always rejected.

Always worried.

Always promoting other people's products.

Always working.

Always at war with myself.

Always away from my family and while I was ridiculously amazing at making money, helping people get results, building teams, marketing, posting on social media, capturing and documenting every moment, taking selfies, and selling things...

I was failing miserably as a mother and as a wife.

I was also lying to myself and everyone else around me.

And despite being top in the entire network, I was letting my own family team lose, and that didn't sit right with me as a mom.

The guilt, the shame, the knowing deep within my heart and soul that I had to make a move, and that something had to change ate away at me for YEARS...

But I was scared, exhausted, and lacked clarity.

Until it was time to take the leap of faith and trust in something bigger.

So what did I do? 

Well I of course took that leap of faith, and decided to go ALL IN on myself.

That wasn't even an option.


During those years of complete darkness I built the exact roadmap to authentic happiness, health, wholeness, abundance, confidence, peace of mind, self-worth, debt free living, purpose, and true personal freedom.

So today, I wanted to invite you to join me one more time to my Rise and Shine Program because I know for a fact that what I am going to teach you not only has the ability to change your life...

But your family's life too.

And if by chance you quit, decide that it's too hard, feel as if I'm not the right mentor for you, or tell yourself that you can't, I'll gladly give you a refund.  

So do yourself (and your family) the best gift of all.

Take a leap of faith and go all in on your life.

Because I can't help you if you're not invested or fully committed.

Invest in yourself like you're freaking worth it, and let's go all in on YOUR life shall we?

Sign up below and let's go. 



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