July 3, 2020 - They Day I opened the Mail...

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July 3, 2020

This will be the day and a moment I will remember for the rest of my life.

Truth is, I opened up the mail and got my hands on my very first copy of my own book.

I was instantly overcome with so much emotion.

Tears.... lots and lots of tears!

I think what was coming out of me, is just knowing that we can put all of those failures, the pain, the suffering.... and turn it into PURPOSE. You can turn it all into GOODNESS 🙏, and that really is a beautiful thing!

You can’t ever let it go to waste, but rather it can be used for a greater sense of meaning and contribution to the world.

Every morning for over 5 years I have gotten up early before the rest of the family to put my heart on a page, and now it’s in print!

Every morning I sit, I pray, I meditate, I ask for guidance and I surrender over my own needs, and asked to be used for a greater purpose.

I commit my spirit, and I let some higher calling do all the “work”.

I write, I speak, I create each day, knowing that whatever comes out of me is meant to be put here on this earth to help heal and transform the lives of those who stumble upon my page.

My wish is that this book will help change the lives of millions world wide.

Helping and many people wake up and truly live their life, HAPPY, healthy and free!

Like I said, someone already has suffered greatly for you, and will gladly give you a shortcut to success. You just gotta open up your heart to receive them💗

For more details, get your name on the list here and I will send you all the details.

So much gratitude and love in my heart today. It’s a dream come true really 💫💗

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