Jealousy Makes you WEAK

mindset motivation self love Jun 17, 2019


Every minute you spend wishing you had someone else’s life is a minute spent wasting yours, and comparison is an act of violence against yourself and you my beautiful friend need not compare yourself to ANYONE!

You’re uniquely perfect in your own way, except you lost yourself when you made yourself feel NOT good enough.

Comparing yourself to others doesn’t feel GOOD, does it, so stop it.

Stop whining. Stop wasting time... and maybe use that time to UP your own game!

The truth is, I used to do it all the time when I wasn’t where I wanted to be.

Light💫 will only shine onto the things you need to LOOK AT friends! Light cannot be poured over your darkness, but rather your own INNER DARKNESS 🌚 will be exposed to the things you might need to SEE, but rather you’re choosing NOT to see them.

Instead, You’re choosing not to look at what LIGHT is being upon your darkness with inspiration, but rather HATE, judgement, compassion, and that’s what’s keeping you SMALL.. and DARK.

You’ve gotta surrender to that dark 🌚 feeling within and ask yourself.. WHAT do I need to LEARN here. What is this trying to SHOW me?

If you find yourself comparing yourself, you’ve lost. JEALOUSY is for the weak.

💗Listen and know anytime you catch yourself scrolling or comparing and it’s not sitting well know you’re out alignment.

💗When it feels good within, you’re on the right path. If it does feel NOT good, You’re disconnected from LOVE and inspiration and you’ve got WORK to do.

💗Blinders on girly. You’re good enough, worthy enough. Believe it.

💗If you see something in someone that makes you feel not good. Ask yourself what is it about her that makes you feel bad about yourself and there you’ll have the answers and look at her for inspiration. If she can. YOU can too.

💗Those you cast judgements upon, hate upon, generally are your greatest teachers, for they are shining LIGHT onto your DARKNESS

💗Growth mindset. The only competition here is the person staring back in the mirror. Just you my friend.

💗Do the work. Ask for help. Surrounding your thinking that leads to the dysfunction in your life.

And there you have it!

You could have the strongest back. The nicest glutes, the most sculpted abs, but it won’t matter if your heart is ugly. This my beautiful friends is the REAL FOUNDATION. The solid foundation of health. Love for yourself and for ALL.

You’re good enough. You’re worthy enough. You’re smart enough. You’re pretty enough. NOW do the work to become your best self. Not the one who is settling and sitting behind a screen wasting time.

You deserve better than that.💗

Have the most beautiful day.




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