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I asked my son this morning after he asked me to make breakfast.... “What do you FEEL like eating today”?
“I don’t know” he said, and as I walked up the stairs, I said, “Well… when you figure it out, let me know.”
💫What if you woke up today and you didn’t FEEL like going to work?
💫What if today you felt like a bagel or a bowl of lucky charms instead of that healthy omelette you were told would be a better choice?
💫What if you woke up and felt like wearing jogging pants instead of dress pants?
💫What if you felt like doing yoga and or doing nothing instead of pushing yourself harder or following what was on the calendar?
💫What if after supper you felt like a cookie?
💫What if you felt you were overworked and underpaid?
💫What if you felt like wearing jeans on a Tuesday and didn’t want to wait until Friday.
💫What if you didn’t feel like putting anything to calendar, making quarterly goals, and just wanted to go with the flow and relax instead?
💫What if you felt someone’s method of doing things didn’t work for you?
What if you continued to feel empty on the inside or just woke up and DECIDED you were going to do life according to how YOU wanted to?
Did it ever occur to you that your way of doing things in your own life was the right way?
That maybe what works for ONE person, doesn’t work for the other?
That there was a method to your OWN madness, and that you could turn inward, listen to the truth of who you are, and remove anything, or anyone in your life that wasn’t making you feel good about yourself.... and that you had that choice?
That you could listen to your own feelings and just align yourself with the truth instead of feeling you had to be different?
Sure, yes you gotta eat well, move your body, have goals and arrive on time if you have made commitments, love others, work hard, serve the world, continue to learn and grow but if you FEEL as if your life isn’t working for you, and you are doing things you don’t LOVE, perhaps you need to stop listening to what everyone else is telling how to you show up to your own life… and listen to yourself instead.
Just a thought.
Trust me, personal freedom is your birthright and it’s worth getting up and fighting for.
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