Invest In Yourself

frugal mom money saving tips positive body image self love quotes weight loss Nov 08, 2018
Scored myself a new coat. $25. Value Village.

Also scored myself a massage today. $70. 45 minutes. BEST 45 minutes everrr❤️

Every single year I would tell myself, I am gonna buy myself a new winter coat and every single year I just can’t see myself spending $500 on a coat, I’m literally in for 10 minutes. 👉👉Plus Dennis and I made a deal. Once it goes below 0... It’s his job to take the kids to school and I start work a little earlier... and I don’t “play” in the snow or build ⛄️ snowman.... his job too🤣

I bought the kids their boots, coats hats and mitts... and didn’t think twice about the expense. Mom Life.

You see... One thing about me. I hate being cold, and I hate wasting money too. As a former single momma I’m still frugal, still mindful and often times I still find MY needs getting put on the back burner, but always always make sure my kids needs are met.

In my November group this month, it’s all focused around Self Love. It’s the secret to a lot of things. Loving yourself means a lot of things... but what it’s NOT is allowing yourself to be defined my numbers or labels, and what it is NOT is allowing your own self care to take a back seat. It’s also losing the excuses and saying “you can’t”.... cause I just don’t buy it. You CAN... you have just been so used to telling yourself lies and excuses.

You see friends... I don’t actually care that I got this coat at Value Village for $25. I don’t know the brand. Again. I don’t care. 

What I care about? Feeling good. I’m in my body A LOT longer than I’m in some silly winter coat. 

So... I loved myself SO HARD today. Got up, pressed play, ate well, drank my water, cancelled a meeting, checked in with my ladies, HUSTLED for joy, went for a massage, and now.... We’ll I think I’m going to watch a movie with my husband.

Self love friends.... You and only you hold the power to change that, and you gotta know by now that you can’t find the key 🔑 to happiness in someone else’s pocket or in a new winter coat, cause if you put the SAME miserable PERSON in that new coat, it’s not going to matter if it cost $25 or $500 and what the brand is.

My best advice. INVEST in your health and well-being, and LOVE the crap out of yourself DAILY. Spend your money wisely in the areas that DO matter.
You do that, and I promise you EVERYTHING changes. 😘


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