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I am asked all the time. Do I get up EVERY morning to exercise? The answer is YES.

While it might not be to move my body and sweat, I do get up to exercise and train my mind.

Meditation and inner healing work 🙏💗started 10 years ago. Loss. Heartache. Disappointment. Anger. Fear. Grief .I’d listen to meditations at bedtime and find myself falling peacefully to sleep as I released tears and baggage weighing me down. To date. It’s been the most HARDEST transformation. Even harder than overcoming obesity.

7 days a week. 365 days a year, I now show up for myself for with a strong mind you can conquer anything. You can overcome it all.

Have you ever sat with your fears , doubts, anxiety, anger, resentment, unworthiness, sadness long enough to ask questions?? 👉What are you here to teach me? What is it you wish for me to hear? What do I need to learn and how can I be FREE from it?

None of us are exempt from challenges and struggles. I’ve had my fair share of them, and just when you think you are in the clear. Another life lesson will eventually handed to you. When it’s time for personal GROWTH, those life lessons can be extremely hard.

Life is always happening FOR us, and while in the tight grips of despair, we always have choices.

We can allow those challenges and struggles to hold us under water and drown us, OR we can emerge with a greater sense of knowledge, gratitude, and inner peace.

The way to attain inner peace and fulfillment is THROUGH it instead of wishing and hoping it away. We can’t brush things under the rug and expect to live happy. We must deal with it.

Through the fears. Through the anger. Through those hard feelings that you cling onto, yet do not serve you.

In order to release them, you need to accept, ask, listen, learn and release. The mental inside work required to LIVE a happy, healthy free life is hard. No quick fix, magic pill or special shake will fix what’s broken within.

This inner work is SO much harder than a little 20-30 minute exercise I do. Much harder than choosing a healthy meal over calling the pizza delivery guy.

Anytime you find yourself in a struggle of your own mind. Sit for a while. 🙏💗Sit in silence. Sit with your pain with those negative feelings that keep floating around, and ASK the pain this:

What is it you wish for me to learn here??

�LISTEN Get very quiet and listen. The right answers will be grounded in a place of love, forgiveness, kindness, respect, HEALTH, letting go, learning, trusting, empathy, compassion. You will gain clarity.

The WRONG answers will continue to keep you walking the same worn out path you’ve been on for far too long.

LEARN. Have you learned the lesson yet?? Have you been showing up to do the work?? If not, you will still feel as if you are drowning. You will still struggle. When you do learn and put into the ACTION steps needed, you will feel lighter. 💫🙏💗You will know your correct course of action, and now you can remain in the RIGHT path.

RELEASE. Letting go. Offering it up. The only way to total inner peace and contentment is to understand that YOU are in control of your life, your choices, your future, your actions from this day going forward. It’s in you my friend.

Your health. Your happiness. Your healing. It’s all on you. You just do the work. Daily.

Do you choose to keep going on the path that you know deep within leads to nowhere or do you take the lesson and work on releasing it???

What I know is this. 👉👉Everything in your life is in fact leading you somewhere. You will get lost. You will take the wrong path. But you can find your way again.

Perhaps look at those challenges in your life as a stepping stone to your greater purpose in life.

Perhaps you can take those lessons and USE THEM to serve others. Turning your pain into a greater purpose and meaning. Your HEALED wounds are your greatest WISDOM. They are gifts 🎁that you’ve yet to open.

Keyword HEALED. Meaning, you my dear friend, need to GET UP and start doing the work to heal yourself.

Don’t be afraid to look into the darkness. For deep within, there is beautiful light. A beautiful spark that will ONE DAY shine SO bright.

Trust it. Believe it.

Have the most beautiful day


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