I went to a Therapist once...

healing mindset spiritual health Sep 26, 2020

I went to a therapist once for my mental health, but something was “off”.  

I was going through intense PTSD, anxiety, needed medication, and was scared to be alone after a pretty scary life event that shifted something “upstairs”.  

She told me I should be doing Yoga.  

I mean...  

How could she really be teaching and helping me about my own mental health when she herself was extremely overweight, and had bowls of candy in her office?  

Not judging. Just reporting facts.  

So I actually took my health and healing into my own hands.  

You see.....  

There are a lot of “fake” teachers out there.  

Talking the talk, but not actually walking the walk, for anyone who values their own mental health and well-being knows the importance of eating the right foods, being at an ideal body weight, moving their body and removing the sugar.  

So no, I actually wasn’t buying the “books smarts” when common sense wasn't stacking up.  

You catch my drift right?  

There are a lot of people teaching how to get Masters in “Business” but have never actually owned or operated one themselves.  

There are a lot of out of shape personal trainers, and nurses and doctors who don’t practice what they preach either, for they are too busy to even care for themselves.  

You feel me?    

First off, if you’re struggling in your life I’d like to give credit, where credit is due, for you've probably been through a lot, and are working super hard, but yet it some capacity you’ve yet to be seen, heard, appreciated, recognized or respected in the way you may have hoped for, or life is slamming you HARD.  

So what do you do when you're struggling and in a dark season?  

Stay out of alignment or get better?  

You are more than enough, incredible and maybe you’ve simply given your personal power away to something or someone other than yourself.  

I was asked once, if I have ever had my Chakras balanced?

Like fixing the inside was something you could just go to a chiropractor and get adjusted.  

"Oh yes", I responded. "I did it myself".   It took a couple of years, a lot of sweat, and tears when no one was around, very early mornings and hours of meditation daily.   That deep inner work of healing requires hours upon hours of darkness... ALONE.  

Hours upon hours of fixing and putting the pieces of your life back together again.     Not just showing up once and hoping for a quick fix.    

There’s a reason people are FAKE, broken, out of alignment and not living their truth.  

That word is AUTHENTICITY.  

Talking the talk, but not walking the walk. Not practicing what they preach.....or teach, or just going to jobs to collect a paycheque and let me tell you.   It shows! I will always show.  

Not just felt on the inside, but manifested on the outside too.    

So what do you do right now if you are struggling in your own life?  

You take your life, your healthy, your future into your own hands, and get the help you need.  

You call a spade a spade, rip off the fake mask and ask yourself the though questions like ARE YOU BEING HONEST with YOURSELF?  

Is there a next level for you?  

Are you aligned?  

Are you living the truth?  

Are you doing the work?  

Are you actually living your LIFE on PURPOSE, and doing what you’re meant to, or are you just faking it and collecting a pay cheque?  

Because let me tell you, if you’re doing that…    

You’re going to look, and feel like a hot mess, and others will catch on pretty quickly, and won’t buy whatever the hell you’re selling them.    

So…   What will it be for you today?  


Hard work?  

Reaching out for help?  

Rising above and getting your own life together?  

Either way you can choose to get better in life, or stay bitter.  

Be sure to keep watching and following along.  

I’ve got something amazing coming that you're going to love, and as always you can continue to follow along daily on my Facebook Page as I talk about the stuff they don’t teach you in school.

...Like how to HEAL what’s truly broken from within instead of looking for a quick fix to living a happy, healthy, and fully aligned life.  

You know...   The one you freaking deserve, and the one you’re going to get up and create for yourself?  

Your Coach, 


Transformation Expert, High Performance Mindset and Life Coach


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