I don't listen to the rules, I listen to my self.

Oct 13, 2021

Will the REAL you please stand up?

Perhaps the current state of affairs in the world, health crisis, and shortages are due to miserable staff, because no one is willing to hear the truth of how people are actually feeling.

Then again those that actually speak up for the minority get fired instead of having real leaders who have their backs, standing up for them to address the bigger under lying problems and concerns.

It’s easier to just sweep things under a rug instead of actually looking what’s under the rug and cleaning up a mess.

No one ever wants to be the “sacrificial lamb” taking one for the “team” because that would require bravery, confidence, courage, a backbone, strength, a solid heart, and then potentially them not being able to afford their mortgage, put food on the table, or provide for their families!

A real leader however would take the hit for the betterment of any QUALITY environment or organization because no team or organization can ever reach its maximum potential with miserable people.

And yes, that’s ALWAYS the leaders fault.

Eventually the leader will be taken down and shipped out if they don’t build their foundation SOLID from the ground up the right way.

When it all boils down it, if anyone puts their fate in the hands of the government or some well paid CEO at the top of a food chain , they are easily disposed of and people are now starting to realize this.

Everyone serves a purpose until their time is up. I’m actually quite happy and excited because this is just a much needed world wide wake up call.

Hospitals and doctors only make money off of sick people coming in the doors.

Am I correct in assuming that if HEALTHY people who don’t visit a hospital, staff would not have any work to do and would be sent home?

For the past few years or months I haven’t seen many promoting the truth, or real longterm SOLUTIONS for those trying to get and stay healthy.

All I’ve seen promoted is fear, anxiety, stress, lies, separation, rejection, hate, judgement, limitation, attack, mediocrity, conformity, restrictions, condemnation, isolation, discrimination, and drugs.

That can’t be healthy right? 🤔 

Oh but wait….

The government makes the most money from sick people….

Sick people just willing to just take whatever is thrown their way by “authority”, eat whatever “free food” is thrown in front their faces and is sitting in the board room table and not question it otherwise.

Just open your eyes and look around.

These days most “health care professionals” are viability overweight, putting their heart and soul into what they do, are run off their feet, burnt out? disengaged, disconnected, overworked, underpaid, and working harder than ever before to get no further ahead in life, but rather sliding backwards.

You’d assume with staff always being SO busy and all those 12 hour shifts on their feet, nurses would have higher spirits, more energy, look more youthful and be in much better shape no?

✨Who is advocating for the healthy ones not willing to surrender their life to complete garbage?

✨Who’s speaking the truth to those miserable unhealthy people who went to school for something 20 years ago who are now stuck in dead end JOBS, waiting for retirement, who just love being told what to do, what to wear, what to say, when they can take a crap, and how much money they can make, so they can take full ownership and responsibility over where they are going in life, and do more with than just settle for less than they deserve?

Maybe the ones who see things differently, have simply had enough, and are fighting for their own personal freedom, which is their birth right.

The TRUTH hurts.

No one wants to hear the truth because that would mean they have lived a LIE most of their life!

It would require an open mind, an open heart, open ears, and people listening, taking full ownership over their life, and doing the hard work to fix the problem.

A problem and a broken system that is current NOT working, nor will ever work.

Not covering their ears, closing their eyes, wearing a mask, keeping their mouths shut, popping a pill, taking a shot and pretending to be “happy”, and busy”… but “good” while they sit there and live a sad depressed life of existence.

Did you ever think that those getting fired, leaving and NOT conforming with the the rest of the herd/waking dead are waking up a heck of a lot healthier, wealthier, and living their lives HAPPILY ever after because they are CONNECTED to something bigger than “what’s in it for me?”….and are living their life on PURPOSE and doing what only they were born and called to do?

Just a thought.

No, scratch that.

Just speaking the Gods honest truth, for this kind of truth always comes from WITHIN✨

And since everyones truth is different and unique their own individual journey through life…

Please, have the courage to follow your OWN heart and soul, and what calls out to you.

Stand in your OWN power regardless of who likes you, supports or approves of you.

Your own truth, and internal guidance system will never fail you, and one must go through living hell before you get to experience true bliss and personal freedom on the other side.

That kind of FREEDOM and authentic personal power has absolutely nothing to do with how much money you make, what some financial institution says about your credit score, what you look like, how educated you are, your race, where you were born and raised, your job title, your current employment status, the letters behind your name, how many years of service you put in, where you live, what religion you personally choose to believe in, (if you choose to believe in any for that matter), how old you are, what kind of car you drive, or whether you walk or take the freaking bus!

At the end of the day, you are so worth fighting for!

And if you don’t believe you’re worth fighting for that’s EXACTLY why you are hitting snooze and your life still sucks.

With love,


Oh.. and please share, tag a friend, and ask around to see is this is the TRUTH especially if you’re a leader.

Hopefully you find someone strong, confident and courageous enough in her OWN self worth to tell you the things you likely don’t want to hear!

👉The one to ask will NOT be standing around the water cooler, eating free sugar cookies.

She will be off by herself, standing alone, working her tail off, trying to come up with a plan on how to break free from the cage and current hell hole she is currently living in (or in this case working in) ✨

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